Trudeau Democratic Institutions Minister Doesn’t Know the Basics About Our Democratic Institutions!

The Trudeau government’s Democratic Institutions Minister, Karina Gould, appears before the Senate’s Legal Committee to defend Bill C-58, the revamp of Canada’s Access to Information legislation. Senator Denise Batters challenges Minister Gould about why her government’s bill treats the Speakers of the Senate and the House of Commons the same. Shockingly, the Democratic Institutions Minister (and the senior Privy Council Office official who assists her at this meeting) does not know about any of these major differences between the Speakers of Canada’s two democratic institutions. Because the Trudeau government has made this critical error in drafting their bill, this current wording would allow “final decisions” on access to information requests regarding the Senate to essentially be made by the Government of Canada. Obviously, this is totally unacceptable. (October 18, 2018)
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