Transgender jailbird demands another $15,000 of cosmetic surgery on the NHS… after $20,000 taxpayer-funded sex change behind bars

Demands: Jasmine Goode, 37, took sex-change tablets while serving an 11-year jail sentence for burglary. She now claims it is her 'right' to be granted £15,000-worth of surgery, including another breast enlargement
DAYS OF LOT – A former prisoner who had a sex-change operation on the NHS is demanding another £15,000 of cosmetic surgery at the taxpayers’ expense. Jasmine Goode, formerly Darren, started her £18,000 sex-change operation in 2010 while serving an 11-year sentence for burglary. The treatment sparked outrage as Ms Goode, 37, claimed it was a better use of money than drugs for cancer.  Two years after leaving Leyhill Open Prison in Bristol, the self-professed surgery addict, who has three children, is now applying to enlarge her breasts from a size 36E to 36G. Ms Goode told the Daily Star Sunday: ‘They are OK now but I’m quite a big person so it would look better if they were larger.’  She also claims it is her ‘right’ to have her jaw realigned, hairline lowered, and a nose straightened in a series of treatments amounting to £15,000. ’I don’t see why not, otherwise it’s half a job. They did it last time so I don’t see why it’s different. ’

The NHS needs to finish the job.’ Ms Goode, from Rhyl, north Wales, was born with both male and female genitals and was raised as a girl called Sarah-Jane until she was eight. She claims she was encouraged by her parents to live as a boy called Darren and says she felt pressured to be ‘macho’ by her father. It was as a result of this gender confusion that she took her first steps into a life of crime in an attempt to appear more macho. In 1994, aged 18, she was jailed for burglary for the first time. She spent the next few years in and out of prison until May 2006 when, while serving an 11-year stretch for a string of burglaries, she told a prison nurse she was transex and wanted to live a new life as a woman. When the details of the operation emerged, Ms Goode, then Darren, argued her condition was as ‘life-threatening as cancer’ because of high suicide rates among the transgender community.
Crime: She was born with both male and female genitals, and forced to live as a boy called Darren, Ms Goode claims. She says it was this confusion that led her to a life of crime

Darren added that giving him the treatment was cost-effective as, too depressed to work, he would be forced to claim benefits. Ms Goode, who works for a charity that helped her with the sex change, has a 16-year-old son from one relationship and two children from a marriage to a different woman, who are now nine and 10. When she – then he – was alone with his eldest son, she would pretend to be the child’s mother and wore her girlfriend’s clothes. She no longer sees her children. After the breakdown of the marriage and she was moved to an open prison, Ms Goode applied to the NHS for cash for gender reassignment. Hormone tablets made her grow breasts, a charity donated women’s clothes and make up and £18,000 from the NHS paid for electrolysis and laser treatment to remove body hair, followed by surgery to transform her genitals. Although the NHS refused to pay for breast enhancement, she has since had surgery to gain a 36E chest – and claims her sex life has ‘gone wild’ since the op. NHS guidelines only permit taxpayer-funded plastic surgery in extreme cases, such as to protect a patient’s mental health.  A spokesman for the Department of Health said: ‘Prisoners have the right to receive the same range and quality of NHS treatments and services as anyone else, including services for gender reassignment.’MailOnline
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