Today marks the two year anniversary of “Two Weeks” to “Slow The Spread”

In what was one of the greatest psych ops in the last 30 years, the “15 days to slow the spread” meme was deployed two years ago today. What followed over the next two years

Wear a mask

Restaurants, bars, gyms, schools, most stores were closed

Liquor stores were still open and you could buy toys at walmart

The gov’t gave away nearly a trillion dollars to protect paychecks yet employers laid people off anyway putting them on enhanced unemployment benefits that often paid then more than working paid them

A bunch of people collecting those generous UC benefits decided to stop paying rent

The CDC said you couldn’t evict people

We closed playgrounds, beaches, parks – police arrested people for walking dogs in those places

We told people to wear two masks

We made our kids sit in plexiglass boxes when school reopened then we closed schools again

We told people we couldn’t force them to take an experimental vax

Then people told told get the vax or you’re out of a job – but we’re not forcing you to do anything

The gov’t tried to force the needle in the arm of 80 million people. SCOTUS said no.

We were told there wouldn’t be vax passports. Then vax passports got implemented (no gyms, museums, theatres, restaurants for you)

We were told the vax would end this. It got worse

Then there was a third shot, we were told we were talking crazy when we said this was coming

Now there’s a fourth shot

People who are double and tripled vax’d are getting covid and telling others that they should get the vax to protect you from getting covid

We went from 100% effective, to well it would stop infection or transmission but it might keep you out of the hospital

Omicron was supposed to wipe out the earth, it was mild

Now we’re being told to live in fear of deltacron with may or many no come with sharks that have lasers on their heads.

For the last two years it’s been nothing but lies from the experts. At some point you’re no longer an expert when you’ve been wrong at every turn over the last two years.

And still you see people driving alone in their car wearing two masks.

So raise a glass and drink to the big lie as today, “15 days to stop the spread” is now two years old.
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