Tim Adam’s Master Thesis, “There is No Birth Certificate for Obama”


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In the Words of Tim Adams; His Master’s Thesis states,

“There is No Birth Certificate for Obama!”

“There Isn’t One!”

“He’s Lied About Being Born in a Hospital in Hawaii.”


Tim Adams. He has male patterned baldness but accused of being a skinhead.

Tim Adams was the Senior Elections Clerk for the city and county of Honolulu during the 2008 presidential election. Tim was the person who told the media that there was no long form birth certificate for Barack Obama in Hawaii,  and that it was common knowledge by all of the officials there.   In his position , he had a staff of about fifty people who were in charge of verifying voter eligibility. He stated in his thesis that he had access to all the usual government databases to verify voter identities.   They had access to databases such as NCIS, Social Security, and others. He does not say that he looked up information for Barack Obama, just that the group had access to information.

Interestingly, he wrote about his experience in his 106 page Master’s thesis presented to the Faculty of the English Department at Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, Kentucky entitled “Discourse and Conflict: The President Barack H. Obama Birth Certificate Controversy and the New Media.” It is dated May, 2011.

The thesis is a mixture of information from literature comparisons to politics. He expresses his opinions on different issues that are interspersed with current events, history, narrative, quotations,  and personal experiences.  It is presented utilizing both a time line of events and his analysis of the circumstances.   It is a most unusual dissertation, unlike what I expected from reading the abstract. He describes his effort as being akin to Gonzo journalism. He calls his writing style creative, but I would describe it as a convoluted style, but that is my opinion.

I’ve extrapolated some of the most salient paragraphs that relate to Tim’s knowledge about the lack of documentation at the Department of Health for Barack Obama, and his experiences after publicly revealing what he knew from working in that office.   The emphasis of material is mine.  He accuses both the left and right of interference in his life, and misinterpretation of information. Yet from reading what was done to him, the actions speak loudly of how the Obama regime and its supporters operate.   There is no wonder that Tim became silent after exposing the DOH; he was threatened.   Is there any question who was behind the intimidation and threats?  After all, who had more to lose with this revelation? Their modus operandi is easily recognized.  It appears Tim got a huge dose of “The Chicago Way.”


”A creative exploration of the consequence of public speech in the era of freely accessible, oscial media, as the author, a former elections official, records and explores the consequences of public dissent in the case of President Barack Obama’s eligibility controversy. This non-fiction narrative culminates with the author’s analysis and observations on both his personal experiences and the state  of public speech and political power in contemporary America.”

Adams who describes himself as “being of libertarian and somewhat hedonistic bent” also discusses the aftermath and problems that occurred after he publicly disclosed that Barack Obama does not have a long form birth certificate in Hawaii. His story begins when he was conversing with new acquaintances at a convention he was attending on June 6, 2010.

A thousand lies still don’t change the truth.

The biggest problem they face is their utter inability to discriminate  between the unending barrages of media that bury them twenty-four seven.

I mentioned that I had just finished my undergraduate degree at the University of Hawaii before coming back to the region, and one of my table mates looked up from his chicken and white gravy and asked. “You were in Hawaii. What did you think of the election?”

The problem was I had been part of the election.  I was, for about six months, the Senior Elections Clerk for the City and County of Honolulu. I’d been a manager in the office of absentee balloting, and had seen enough of the events there that I had resigned that September and returned to university instead of staying on until November. I stared down at the well used white cotton tablecloth and saw my reflection next to the green beans on my plate. “Well’, I murmured, ‘it was an interesting experience.”

I should have expected what was coming next, and kept my mouth shut, but I was more than a little pissed off and decided to see what would come of the whole thing.

What do people in Hawaii say about Obama’s birth certificate?”

There isn’t one” I said.

What? You mean you think that President Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii?”

No.” I replied. “I was there. There is no hospital record of his birth in Honolulu,  and the Hawaii Department of Health told us in the Elections Office that there was no birth certificate…There isn’t one.”

Then, that means he’s lied.”

Yes.” I said.   “From all I have seen he’s lied about being born in a hospital in Hawaii. It simply didn’t happen.”

As you can imagine, my table guests were rather excited over this admission. I spent the rest of our time discussing just what a lack of documentation did or didn’t mean.  Just because there is no record doesn’t mean something is automatically some sort of criminal conspiracy. Later on that evening, I was approached by one of the young men from our lunch.

Tim, James Edwards is doing a live broadcast from the conference tonight for Liberty News Radio; will you go on and tell them what you’ve told us?”   If I had left it at that, we wouldn’t be here now, dearest readers. I’ll let you know that I told them, I couldn’t say anything that I didn’t know to be the truth, but I was to discover that other folks will take what you say and run with it to suit their own desires far too easily.

Next is the transcript of the program where Tim exposed the criminal behavior of employees with the Department of Health not only related to Obama, but within Hawaii’s voting registration process itself.

Transcript of Tim’s Interview (Me) with James Edwards, Liberty News Radio.

James Edwards:“A man in the middle of a political firestorm, his name is Tim Adams, and he was the Chief Elections Clerk for the City and County of Honolulu, Hawaii during the 2008 presidential election. Why is that significant Bill?”

Bill: “That is significant because that is where questions were raised about the citizenship and origin of the current president, Barack Obama…Tell us what you know, Tim.”

James Edwards: “You were in a unique position to have a little information about the birth certificate issue?”

Me: “Yes, I was the Chief Elections Clerk for the City and County of Honolulu, for, on a temporary contract. I ran an office that verified voter eligibility that had a staff of about fifty people. When this question came up, I had access to all the usual government databases that people have to verify identity: NCIS, Social Security, all these other things we use on average voters; there were two people higher than me in our office, who are under the City Clerk of Honolulu, and the question came up about the birth certificate and about President Obama’s birthplace, in my professional opinion, Barack Obama was not born in the United States, and there is no Hawaii long-form birth certificate.”

For the next minute or so, the hosts commented.

Bill: “Well Tim, with this information, was this pretty common knowledge within that office that there was no long form certificate?”

Me: “It was openly admitted by everyone in the office who was above me, at least my immediate supervisors, that there is no documentation.”

James Edwards: “For Obama being a naturalized American citizen…being born here with a birth certificate?”

Me: “Barack Obama was not born in Hawaii.”

James Edwards: “And I guess the fact that you know that and that you’re speaking out on it, you’re probably no longer the Chief Elections Clerk of Honolulu.”

Me:“That’s another interesting story. I was there from the start of the election cycle when they hired us in the spring, until August of that year. We had a set of documents,  fifty identity documents stolen out of the office, and they were all the voting records—the ballots that people sent in who were members of the U.S. Foreign Service around the Pacific rim. Now why this was significant is these are ambassadors and people who work in embassies and so on around the Pacific; they are mailing in their absentee ballots for the presidential election. Someone stole these, and since these are political appointee positions, they would now know whether or not they voted for the current president.”

Bill: “Interesting. I see, so this was a way of finding out who should remain in the diplomatic corps or who should not; or who should remain in the Foreign Service or not, correct?”

Me: “That’s what we believe, yes.”

Bill: “So there’s a little elections fraud as well involved in this whole scheme.”

Me: “From there, things got really, really ugly, and that August I went ahead and went back to the University of Hawaii, and finished up there, and then came back here to Western Kentucky University [WKU]  where I teach now.”

The entire thing takes about three minutes of airtime. When I put up my video on Sunday night after arriving back home, I had about twenty views on YouTube.  For my writing class at WKU that Monday, I drafted the description of my trip which opens this chapter.   Of course, you never hear the rest of what I saying on the tape, and though I know they weren’t overly interested in what else I had to say about the controversy surrounding the President’s birth, nor the problems that came up in the elections office, I still won’t just accuse them of cutting me off intentionally. We had tried to continue, but the technical problems that caused all the dead air and static in the broadcast were mostly to blame.

“Don’t take my word for it, as Ronald Reagan said,

“Trust, but verify.”

The entire broadcast is archived on a couple of media sites.    LibertyNewsRadio, the parent company, has it archived on the Web, and you can listen in during the second hour—at about nine minutes in—to start my segment on the show.

June 7th 2010:  How’s this for the Anniversary of D-Day?

So, I returned home, did my weekly video report and submitted a well-received paper at school. Everything seemed to have turned out well; I’d managed to speak publicly about a controversy that had been causing a lot of turmoil since the election, and I was optimistic that jump-starting the public dialogue could lead to an eventual solution, hopefully one that would take the steam out of the extremists on both sides, and cause more talking and less screaming invectives.   I was optimistic there still existed out there a whole, vast middle of America, the silent majority, which would take the ball and run with it. New evidence could come to light, resolving the issue of President Obama’s birth, and then maybe, just maybe, we could get some public officials honest enough to admit the truth of the matter, that it’s not about President Barack Obama, and only incidentally about race. Intrigued? I promise to get to it all before the end, so hang with me for now.

After resigning from his position in Hawaii, Tim entered the Master’s program at Western Kentucky University. Excerpts from his thesis tell the story.

“My application forms would mysteriously disappear, my transcripts from my alma mater, the University of Hawaii, somehow did not arrive. My financial aid documents suddenly all had to be reviewed, that whole sort of thing. Tech-savvy lefties repeatedly attempted to break into my personal email and classroom pages on the university servers. These became such a nuisance they disrupted web services for the school and caused students problems with their personal data security. Using whatever information they could find, my cyber stalkers attempted to find blog postings or emails I might have sent going back as far as nine or ten years. Looking for anything I might have said or remarked about that they could use against my character, but of course, these would have no actual bearing on the truth of my story or not. That, they were finding out, was coming in verifiably true, and it infuriated them.

My home computers, my phones, and even my apartment off-campus would be searched. The folks who did it made no attempt to prevent my knowing they’d been there…On top of all these incidents, I began to be followed everywhere I went. Both unmarked and local police black and whites tailed my big, blue caddy whenever I left home. I had a local police escort, to and from work, every day for months.

But at the time all this was occurring, it helped the opposition accomplish what they wanted more than anything else. They wanted me silenced. While no doubt they simultaneously held out hopes of personally discrediting me, and/or getting me fired/financially ruining me, at the moment getting me silenced, preventing my speaking with the media, was their first priority and this my opposition accomplished by pressuring my superiors at the university to place a gag order on me. How does that work? I’ll tell you.

Someone comes and says to you, if you don’t stop speaking, you’re going to be fired. You’re causing too much trouble for the institution, and you’re not a professor, and you don’t have tenure. …but if it came right down to it, if it would cost the school far more money in lost contributors, reputation, and prestige than it would to absorb a successful lawsuit from me, the bean counters would cut their losses….so when I was asked to not speak out for awhile, I told the various media outlets I couldn’t.

So, let’s review.   It had been nine days since my appearance on The Political Cesspool radio show with James Edwards, and it had been a single week since the first YouTube video had appeared carrying my story online. Two days after the initial flood of Internet postings, I had already been contacted by over fifty alternative and mainstream media outlets. We were receiving emails and phone calls at the rate of several hundred per day.

Three days following, I was being contacted by my university administration, and had been charged with being a Nazi, a White Supremacist, and a host of other claims, some so fantastic you wonder where they came up with the ideas. Five days into that first week my email and computer accounts had been the target of data phishing and my home computer had been hacked. By the end of that first week:   my university admission, finances, apartment, phone, and Internet usage had been investigated. A nationally televised news anchor had run an active smear job on me that was viewed both by television audiences and by Internet users in the millions, and I was under active police surveillance and had received numerous, violent threats.

Things got so bad, that Tim called the ACLU to get the name of a lawyer. They never returned his call. We can certainly understand why. Additionally, he describes how people went on a “manhunt” to find him or any information about him.

Adams stated that the most accurate reporting regarding what he said in that recorded interview was done by the tabloid Globe that wrote about him four times. The least accurate and most slanderous attack was done by the radical leftist blowhard, Keith Olbermann, MSNBC, who characterized him on his show as the “Third Worst Person in the World.“ Olbermann lied and never retracted his erroneous information that he was fed by another writer from the cesspool at Daily Kos.

He continues.  In the case of President Obama’s natal narrative, a similar campaign of obfuscation has actively and admittedly been pursued by most of the major media, despite all evidence to the contrary. Groups like FactCheck.Org have a so-called Certification of Live Birth available on their website that purports to prove the President’s birth in Hawaii in 1961.

The widespread media hyping of this forgery during the presidential elections of 2008 has led to several claims, none of which have any basis in reality.

The Obama administration has placed his birth documentation online.” In fact, neither the State of Hawaii, nor the Obama administration has ever claimed the purported document as theirs. A simple comparison shows the document is not a Hawaii, state-issued, document.

“The C.O.L.B. has been certified by the State of Hawaii and contains a Notary Seal from the State.”

Fact: Contrary to several media reports, it does not. “The State of Hawaii changed the birth certificate documents. These are the new ones.”

Fact: The C.O.L.B. document is dated 2007. Two years before the laws were changed in 2009. So you can see, dearest reader, how misdirection and outright falsehood becomes accepted and common wisdom. “But you can’t be claiming that ___________, (insert any of your favored media talking heads, news programs, or media channels here) LIE, DO YOU? Well, all I can say to you, Dear reader, is get over it. This barrage of media bullshit has left the following discourse as typical public dialogue:

ME: “President Barack Obama’s birth certificate is NOT on file at the State of Hawaii Dept. of Health. It simply does not exist.”

“President Obama placed his birth certificate online. Anyone can see it.”

ME: “Sure he did. And I have a bridge to sell you too.”

THEM: “Funny buddy, have fun living in the twilight zone.”

ME: “Have fun in La la Land.”

Still, I am not a professional interviewee. I don’t get paid to sit in a chair and make quaint punditries, like the professional talking heads, so I have to admit I am disappointed with a couple of my answers: For starters, just because there is no long form birth certificate on file in Hawaii, that doesn’t rule out President Obama being born elsewhere in the United States, or even in Hawaii. What it does mean is this:

President Obama’s official autobiography is false. Whether the President was born in the United States or no, we have no public documentation to prove that one way or the other. We do know that no hospital in Hawaii has any record of his birth there. We do know, that a child born quote, “In hospital, in Hawaii,” in the first half of the 1960s would have been issued a standard, long-form birth certificate, complete with all the normal birth documentation, signature of the attending physician and so on.

Several folks who have Hawaii State Birth Certificates have placed photos of their forms online, and you can readily compare the authentic state documents to the  impostor without difficulty. A while later, a letter that was reported to have come from President Obama, arrived at Kapiolani hospital in Honolulu, which celebrates the anniversary of the place of the president’s birth. The problem there is twofold: the letter itself has never been verified by the President’s office (why?), and a letter written by the president in 2009 would be proof of nothing more than that the president indeed wrote said letter. I could sit at a typical workstation, not unlike the one I’m on now, and produce brilliant documents that would declare me King of Mars, but that doesn’t make me royalty anymore than any of the documents we have currently available makes the President born in hospital, in Hawaii. This is why all the venom hurled by any one side of this debate against their opponents is just about equally invalid. What we can reasonably prove is, that at some point, a lie has been told. What is being kept from the American people, and why? We can’t really say.

We do know, however, that children born in Hawaii in the 1960s IN HOSPITAL—for that is the official story—were issued a standard, State of Hawaii longform birth certificate, and that up until 2009, copies of those certificates were sent when they were requested by their owners.

We also know that children who were born outside the state of Hawaii or at home without an attending physician were issued a short-form of birth certificate similar to the Certification of Live Birth.

If President Obama had been born at home, and not at hospital (as he has said), then a short form would have been the appropriate documentation for his birth, but the President has been quite clear that this is not the case. The truth of the matter is, President Obama spent very little of his life in the State of Hawaii otherwise, when his official biographical story had been penned, they would have been aware of the differing types of birth certifications, and they would not have screwed up their story in so obvious a manner. This is why, when their critics spout lines like “stupid birthers,” they discredit themselves. A lie has been told, and when a lie is obvious, the public’s just not going to go away. But! I can hear you say. “All the media on television and the fact ‘checkers’ on the Internet verified that the certificate was a legitimate document.”   Did they?    I and the rest of you were all treated to the sight of selected media talking heads, waving this scrap of paper around and telling us, loudly, how evil and stupid anyone who doubted the president’s official mythology was.

Let me leave this with these two facts:

One, if it were issued by the state, which the current document is not, a document issued by the state in 2007 does nothing to verify an event that occurred in 1961 or 64 especially since that event has already been legitimately called into question.

Two, if the document was authenticated, why are your same talking heads calling for the release of the long-form birth certificate NOW? A big lie, told often enough, eventually becomes almost indistinguishable from the truth—but only sometimes. Selective truthing has worked marvelously well. The majority of folks are so distracted and overwhelmed by the barrage of media they’re inundated with each day, they’ve never noticed the difference. Have you…yet?

Additionally, Tim’s  words were reportedly used in multiple videos attributed to him, yet he didn’t cite those videos to which he was referring. “For anyone could take my words and make a video and put that video out into national circulation, and I would then be forever tied to a work of expression that I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH AND NO KNOWLEDGE OF.     I’d underestimated the desire of some fools to use whatever they can for the means to their own ends. As I went about my daily routine, I was unaware that, at that moment, dozens of people were appending my words or my name to a host of videos and images that had nothing to do with me.”

In addition to the above information he interjects responses received or given by BirtherReport.com, Terry Lakin, Joseph Farah, Joe Kovacs, World Net Daily, Tom & Sandy (ABC Media), Orly Taitz, Mario Apuzzo, Mike Evans, and Neal Abercrombie among others. He also mentioned the Memo from the Congressional Research Office that wrote that Obama was never properly vetted.


Information in his thesis seems to contradict many videos that were released.

Note:  Gonzo journalism is a style of journalism that is written without claims of objectivity, often including the reporter as part of the story via a first-person narrative. The word “gonzo” was first used in 1970 to describe an article by Hunter S. Thompson, who later popularized the style. The term has since been applied to other subjective artistic endeavors.

Gonzo journalism tends to favor style over fact to achieve accuracy and often uses personal experiences and emotions to provide context for the topic or event being covered. It disregards the “polished” edited product favored by newspaper media and strives for a more gritty approach. Use of quotations, sarcasm, humor, exaggeration, and profanity is common.


Please note that when entering ” Obama Birth Certificate Forged”  into Google, most original citations are being scrubbed and are now redirected to other sites.

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