TicTok is not your friend

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TicTok is a Chinese based company who’s app tracks every thing on your phone. It tracks your location, banking, messages every thing you do with that phone…just a warning…

Delete TikTok – Here’s what the Chinese company collects about you

No matter how careful you are, social media is causing you some harm. Beyond data collection and privacy risks, just using social media exposes you to misinformation, cyberbullying and unrealistic depictions of a better life from influencers who are paid to deceive you.

Hacks” have become a popular method for pushing a post to go viral. The problem is that the people behind these videos are often not professionals, and they couldn’t care less if their millions of viewers mess something up.

It’s no secret that social media platforms know a lot about their users, but it gets worse in the case of TikTok. It’s bad enough that the FCC commissioner is calling for removing the immensely popular TikTok video-sharing app from the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

Delete TikTok – Here’s what the Chinese company collects about you

TikTok Is Watching You – Even If You Don’t Have an Account


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