Thread by @GunnySnark: Ok, Im probably going to get in trouble for this one, but time to name names and put sh*t together. I decided to dig into the care facility… #Covid19

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Ok, Im probably going to get in trouble for this one, but time to name names and put shit together. I decided to dig into the care facility that was hit so hard by the Covid19 here in WA, as something just didn’t add up.

Here is what Ive found so far in about an hour of digging Life Care Center of Kirkland is the home where these patients were infected. This is its proximity to Evergreen Hospital where the affected were sent. No need to ring the bells about the name Evergreen I trust.

As of today, there have been 27 deaths at that specific facility. Total US death toll is 63 as of today. That accounts for 44% of the total deaths in the US.

But wait, theres more! Life Care Centers are a National PRIVATELY owned chain, with locations across the US.

Location Search | Life Care Centers of AmericaWith locations in 28 states, Life Care offers services including skilled nursing care, rehabilitation, and Alzheimer’s and dementia care.

So, with one Life Care Center being involved, what would be the odds of ANOTHER Life Care Center having a death? I mean they already account for almost half the deaths so far… but thats just chance right?

Well, as it turns out, pretty good.

So thats a total of 28 deaths out of the 63 that have happened at these centers.Ok, lets do some digging on ownership.Good ol Wiki got me an owners name.Forrest Preston. Remember that last name, Prestonen.…

Forrest Preston just happened to go to school up here in the PNW years ago, 50’s to 60’s era.…

All shipshape and above board at the firm right?

Huh.. maybe not

Forrest PrestonForrest Preston founded Life Care Centers of America in 1970 and has since made a fortune with facilities that house and care for the elderly. The private firm raked in $3.1 billion in sales in 2016 …

Opps, forgot the graphic.

OK, so one Billionaire associated with the PNW, what are the odds that he is connected to our most well known Billionair e? I mean other than both being in the ol boys club.Turns out better than we think.…

Now Ill admit I havent directly tied that Preston to the Preston involved, but back in the 50’s this was a VERY small area, its unlikely to have had two very influential families of that same name. Ive lived here my whole life and Preston isnt one of the Bigs. Source info for the CV…

Back to the top a bit, Evergreen Hospital is going to get dug into as well. It appears it is a solitary private hospital in an area that doesnt have that. Every hospital in the area is part of a larger group, but not that one.Too many coincidences to be ignored here. If any patriots would like to help dig, that would be great. We have a couple of locals tracking down more on the Life Care Center and trying to find a solid link between the cases there and US Patient Zero up in Everett


Oh! An anecdote to help add to the spoopy. While I was with my wife at hear Cardiologists appt on Friday, in Bellevue ( Just south of Kirkland ) we were at Overlake Hospital. We were chatting with the nurse there about the Covid deal, and she told us shes friends with a nurse..

Whos MOTHER died last week at the Life Care Center. Apparently she was told all was well, then all of a sudden a call that her mom was dead. Cause of death on death cert? Natural Causes.Even the nurses arent buying this one. So much to dig on frens, and again, all help would be welcome.

Add to this thread as you wish based on where whim takes you!WWG1WGA!!

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Source: Thread by @GunnySnark: Ok, Im probably going to get in trouble for this one, but time to name names and put shit together. I decided to dig into the care facility…
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