“Thousands of UFO Sightings” Reported in Japan Since the Quake?

Grant Lawrence–Bodhi Thunder


As I have repeatedly reported on, Abductees and Contactees said they were warned by UFO Aliens that humanity was facing environmental destruction. There have been numerous reports of ETs disabling nukes and monitoring nuclear facilities.

Reports are that numerous UFOs (perhaps thousands) have been reported in Japan after the that horrific quake.

….According to Japan’s Kyodo News Agency and other Japanese media, there’s been hundreds and upwards of “thousands of UFO sightings” over the country since Friday’s 8.9 magnitude earthquake. Also, video footage from the news channel NHK World English and personal videos show a UFO speeding with bright lights in the sky and then skimming over the Pacific near the quake zones in Japan. The UFO sighting videos have been show on regional TV and the Internet since Friday, with the world UFO community noting “strange light trails following the UFO’s over Japan.”

Moreover, a rare air defense video from Japan shows a new UFO flying over the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Ronald Regan early Monday morning, as the carrier and accompanying guided-missile cruiser and destroyer ships arrived off Japan’s coast to help with disaster response….(Huliq)

If these massive number of UFO sightings over Japan since the quake are true, then perhaps they are not only interested in the quake but also the nuclear nightmare unfolding in that country.

Some have predicted ETs would intervene to save humanity.

I never thought so.

It is clear that they didn’t stop the US from delivering nukes on Japan and they didn’t stop the horrific nuclear arms race that went on for decades between the US and the Soviets. Although we are presently poisoning the planet, there is no interference from the Aliens.

Some have predicted that ETs were going to destroy earth.

But they don’t need to do that.

Humanity is doing the job for them.


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