Thousands of Chinese Workers Have Escaped Lockdown in Apple’s Largest iPhone Factory in China

Workers have been staging a mass exodus from Apple’s biggest iPhone factory in China, seeking to escape hastily enacted COVID-19 measures that left many of the thousands of staff grappling with inadequate living conditions.

The huge factory complex in Zhengzhou city in central Henan province has in excess of 200,000 workers. Some reports are saying there are up to 300,000 workers there, all of who can be accommodated on-site at any given time.

Videos and photos flooded Chinese social media platforms showing people, who are apparently Foxconn workers, climbing over fences and carrying their belongings down the road.

The exodus came after the situation at the plant started to deteriorate, with food supplies running low and reports of up to 20,000 workers locked in their dormitory rooms for quarantine…

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