This “Moderate” Muslim Loses It, When A Customer Asked For Bacon

Kentucky Fried Chicken’s breadless chicken “sandwich,” composed of 2 fried chicken filets, bacon, pepper Jack cheese, Monterey Jack cheese and Colonel’s Sauce (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s hard to take the argument seriously of “Islam is a religion of peace”, when you see outbursts like this.

At a KFC in Sydney, Australia a customer was unaware that this particular KFC caters primarily to a Muslim demographic. So that means No Bacon.

For the manager on duty this request was fine, he had no issue with it and was politely explaining that they don’t serve bacon there.

The employee that took the order however was incensed, literally transforming instantly into a hysterical madman cursing and knocking things over.

“I’m gonna f***ing break your head bro!”

“Don’t record me bitch!” he screams. “Don’t f***ing record me!”

When making the case of how America should deal with radical Islam, THIS is what we need to think about. This kid flipped out because someone mentioned bacon.

The employee has been suspended and KFC offered this apology: “KFC Australia strongly condemns the behaviour of the team member who appears in the clip and sincerely apologises for this very inappropriate reaction.”

Just suspended? Why not fired?
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