This might be the best video of lava you’ve ever seen

Screenshot-128Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano has been reliably erupting for the past three decades, but a new short film captures the oozing, forest-burning beauty of its molten rock as few people ever get to see it.

 Kilauea’s lava normally flows south into the sea, where it creates new land, but a quirk of geology sometimes forces it inland instead. That has happened several times during the current eruption, including a lava flow that destroyed the village of Kalapana in 1990. It began happening again in June 2014, spurring a slow-motion crisis that has burned swaths of forest and threatened homes for miles. Page caught amazing video of this flow scorching ferns and toppling trees as it crept through a rainforest, illustrating the risk, beauty and inevitability of lava in the land of Pele.

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