THIS JUST IN: MASSIVE UFO Mothership On The Peruvian News! May 26th, 2011

Another Hoax? – The Real Deal?



… That is been captured in the city of Guancayo; there you can see a weird looking object hovering the sky. Take a look at this, our viewer is called Henric Snider Solano de la Cruz, and told us that as soon as he devised this object, went for his video camera to record the moment, and send it to us. What does this look like? It could also be that someone might be looking at the “plane” from above, no no…

…Very interesting, Henric told us that he could not hear any sound coming from the object; and that’s how he assumed that this was not an airplane or known object. Well it seems we have to investigate this one to determine what it is. Very interesting… here it goes again, you can see that something very big is flying through the clouds.
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