This connects everything thats going on with everything besides the virus and it involves Venezuela.

This connects everything thats going on with everything besides the virus and it involves Venezuela.

Cali Happenings thread! It’s amazing that people haven’t realized that there is more going on then we are being told. Start here: Please watch the video in the link

Apache Helicopters in Southern California


The Military had a training exercise last year preparing for what’s going down This is from Feb 2019 `

US military spent half a billion training our brave soldiers how to fight in tunnels. Preparing for what’s going down now

Only a few days before, Trump closed the border between the US and Mexico.

What I don’t think people realize VENEZUELA HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH THIS SITUATION!!!!!!

Want to know why? You can find some answers in here. (if you read only one article I link to, make it this one)

I’ll link that article twice since it’s all the evidence we really need to know that Obama was a traitor The Drug and Human Trafficking routes run through Mexico to Venezuela

Human trafficking routes run directly through Venezuela. hold on…… wait…….. what other country is mentioned in this article about Child trafficking?

If the lighbulb went on and you knew where I was going here, let me know. I know you remember this from the other day

What Americans could possibly be ‘stuck in PERU?’

Don’t think Human Trafficking is an issue in the US? Why do we have over 4x the amount of missing kids than India U.S. population = 330 million India population = 1.35 billion There are just the CHILDREN

This rag isn’t even worth wiping your back side with. The people that work at the Washington Post should be ashamed to walk down the street. I refuse to link to this article

This was just signed in January. I feel like it is good evidence that Trump has been preparing for this now for a lot longer than we realize

If you ‘re interested, here’s an article on the executive order.

While we’re at it, If you commit crimes against humanity, like child trafficking. Trump already stated that he’s taking your SH*T

Back to Venezuela Please take 8 minutes of your time to watch this video. It explains the connection between the Drug Cartels from Mexico to Venezuela all the way to IRAN and Hezbollah

Venezuela is the bridge between Iran and the Western Hemisphere

In the video from the last post, they mentioned that Venezuela wasn’t a Narco state anymore, it’s now a much darker, Mafia State Read what this article implies. Direct ties to the Franklin Scandal The Pizza Connection??? Oh, don’t worry.

Why yes. Yes we are about to connect Italy and the Mafia to Venezuela First, let’s name who the mafia is

You should know about the ‘Ndrangheta. They are the bosses of the Costra Nostra these days

Pay close attention to what I’m about to say. On March 12th, the Italian Police captured the ‘Ndrangheta mob boss SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE OF THE FORCED QUARANTINE

The media really has to get their cover stories more in tune with each other

The ’Ndrangheta takedown began in December

Oddly enough, the ‘Ndrangheta are also known for their extensive tunnel system.

I know you were waiting for it. I know you were wondering when I was going to connect the Vatican into all of this. Well, the Pope provides a good segway here explaining how the mafia makes more money annually than banks or McDonalds

I’ll explain this in more detail in it’s own thread, but to make a long story short: The Mafia is an extension of the Vatican’s power. The two organizations have a long intertwined history going back thousands of years.

This guys petition on Interesting explanation as well, might want to read it.

I could go on and on about the Vatican and that side of this world wide evil organization, but I need to start bringing this back home. Here is the DOJ’s indictment of Venezuela’s Maduro. Notice something about this?

could be wrong, it might be just a coincidence But wasn’t someone else indicted in the Southern District of NY? Didn’t that someone also own a secret property in Venezuela? Who knows?…… Just a hunch
So, hopefully this thread helps you understand why Trump was calling out Iran . This is all connected

Trump is without a doubt, with plenty of evidence nowk, currently taking down a world wide Drug ring as well as a Child Sex Trafficking ring. Which makes today’s announcement of a Train being used as a weapon to take down a HOSPITAL BOAT make more sense

The guy literally tried to take out a boat with a train. LOL

None of this is new. It’s been going longer than any of us have been alive

Our politicians have known about this, all of them. Some even try to help the traffickers by keeping our southern border open and unguarded

Some politicians have profited from the abuse and trafficking of children.

It’s disgusting that we live in a country that is among the worst in the world in human trafficking and no one cares. The media hides it. This is modern day slavery, yet we continue to hear about slavery from the 1800s

The new Counter-Narcotics operations! They look like they’re blocking Venezuela, not Mexico. But I thought they were Mexican Cartels?

The only thing holding up the Venezuelan Regime is the drug / human trafficking and Chinese / Russian investments China is accessing the Western Hemisphere through Venezuela as well.


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