The chief of the German police union has said that the migrant influx – forecast to hit 1.5 million by the end of the year – has left the nation’s police forces “overwhelmed” as they tackle sectarian conflict and “extreme criminal offences.”

Rainer Wendt (above) said new arrivals lacked respect for and knowledge of German law, which was insufficient to prosecute asylum seekers, and called for extra protection for women, children and Christians.


“In our asylum camps all hell broke loose; at the border in southern Germany, and in Bavaria especially, it’s hell. Our colleagues down there can’t ever take their boots off [to rest] anymore,” said Mr Wendt, naming struggling federal forces all over Germany.

“They don’t respect our rule of law,” he said, claiming that current legislation is ill-equipped to bring prosecutions and act as a serious deterrent.


Some new arrivals, “instinctively know that our laws are weak, and they know that no matter how badly they behave, it has absolutely no consequence for their asylum status.”


“criminality among the refugees; meaning rapes of women and of children, massive use of violence, criminal activities such as exploitation, slavery, we see it all there.”

“The judiciary and the political part of the state should make it very clear to these people from the get-go, that in this country Sharia does not apply – or any other religion – but that here in Germany the rule of law applies, and that we are ready to enforce that.

“This is not about family squabbles; we are talking heavy crime, extreme criminal offences.”

“Germany need[s] to open up the deportation facilities again,”

Some groups, however, could do with some extra protection, as recent attacks have shown; “such as women, families and children, and especially Christians.”



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