They are here America! Are you ready to meet the UN Forces face to face?

Recently, there have been military trucks, convoys, and other suspicious vehicles spotted all throughout America. These vehicles have been noticed primarily on roadways, highways, railways, and even in places such as abandoned malls, warehouses, facilities, and other hidden locations.

Not to mention all of the Government and Military Drills — Drills such as Jade Helm, UWEX, REX-84, etc. — and even other emergency plans and scenarios conducted by the elite: in preparation for martial law and the national shutdown.

Such Drills are also documented in several classified and unclassified documents — with maps, blueprints, graphs, and charts documenting the preparation of detention camps, detainee centers, inmate programs, and even the funding/establishment of National Emergency Centers (See Links Below).

With so much going on, one has to wonder: What Are They REALLY Getting Ready For?
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