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This posting is to display our website or URL / link safety Reports. This site is free of malicious software and or exploits.

There has been reports that has been blocked or reported as a malicious site. This is not the case now or ever. The proof is in the pudding as it where. Please view the following reports as well as visit the numerous sites listed in order to do an independent investigation. 


Other Resources

Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic See malware diagnostics for (?)
McAfee Threat Intelligence Instant lookup for
McAfee SiteAdvisor Instant lookup for
Norton Safe Web Instant lookup for
AVG ThreatLabs Instant lookup for
SpamHaus Domain Block List Instant lookup for
Web of Trust (WOT) Instant reputation lookup for
Check Website Safe Instant safety lookup for
Webutation Reviews/reputation of
DuckDuckGo Simple web search for
Alexa Website ranking/statistics for
DomainTools Review domain Whois data for
Recommended Sucuri SiteCheck Real-time URL scan of…
SecureBrain Gred Real-time URL/links scan of…
Unmask Parasites Real-time URL quick scan of…
VirusTotal Lookup website risk.
F-Secure Browsing Protection Lookup website risk.
Trend Micro Site Safety Lookup website risk.
URL Void Lookup website risk.
PhishTank Search website/URL phishing reports. Search website/URL malware reports. Clearinghouse Search website malware reports.
MalwareURL Search website malware reports.
urlQuery Run a real-time scan of a specific URL.
Comodo Site Inspector Run a real-time scan of a specific URL.
Zscaler Zulu URL Risk Analyzer Run a real-time scan of a specific URL.
Quttera Run a real-time scan of a specific URL or website.
Online Link Scan Run a real-time scan of a specific URL.
Wepawet Run a real-time scan of a specific URL.
PhishTank Web of Trust

About This Service

This service helps inform you of potentially suspicious, scammy, or dangerous web pages, to help you browse the web more safely.

Definitions: Phishing is a forgery/imitation of another website, designed to trick people into sharing personal or financial information, possibly resulting in identity theft or other abuse. Malware is malicious code downloaded to your machine without your consent, harming your computer.

We don’t scan URLs/links/websites ourselves. Instead we rely on reputable 3rd-party web services to do it for us. Nobody’s perfect, so please be aware that their information may not always be accurate or current. A note from Google: “Google works to provide the most accurate and up-to-date phishing and malware information. However, it cannot guarantee that its information is comprehensive and error-free: some risky sites may not be identified, and some safe sites may be identified in error.”

The 3rd-party web services we use and reference often (but not always) report on the status of the entire domain/website itself, not always the individual URL specified. As such, a site reported to host malware or engage in phishing may not affect the specific URL you enter into our site. Moreover, know that we tend to recommend a URL/website as “OK” unless one of the services we check with reports trouble of some kind on that domain/URL.

The services we use often strive to provide current and accurate reports of website/URL trustworthiness. As such, the status information they return to us, that we display to you, can change from 1 minute/hour/day to the next.

We provide a best-guess recommendation to you, affirmative or negative, on the risk of visiting the website/URL you provide. This recommendation is based solely on the 3rd-party services we check with, and is just a recommendation, not a guarantee of suspicious, or trustworthy, behavior at the website/URL requested.

Note that if the URL you specified is a downloadable file (intended to be saved onto a local computer), there are other online scanners on the web that are better suited to check it for viruses.

Disagree with our URL/website scanning results? | Report a phishing URL that Google currently thinks is OK. | Forward a phishing email to . | Report to Google a URL that is on their phishing list in error. | Report malware that Google is currently unaware of. | Report malware to . | Report to Google (via a URL that is on their malware list in error. | Malware erroneously on your own site? Fix it, then tell Google via Google Webmaster Tools. | Report a suspected phishing URL that PhishTank is unaware of. | Report to PhishTank a URL that is in their phishing database in error. | Rate or comment on a website at Web of Trust (WOT). |

Comments/suggestions/corrections/questions/concerns/complaints? Please don’t hesitate to email us (please use the Contact link in the footer).

This website is not meant or designed to accept automated queries/lookups. Such activity is considered abusive and is prohibited.

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