The world knows China ‘ruined the world economy’ – VIDEO

The world is aware of China 'ruined the world economic system ...
The world is aware of China ‘ruined the world economic system …

Former Labor MP Michael Danby says the Morrison government has “led the way since we repudiated the extradition treaty with China” and is now doing the right thing by pushing for an independent COVID-19 inquiry.

Australian government sources believe China will not oppose a resolution on an independent investigation into the origins of the coronavirus ahead of a meeting of the World Health Assembly on Tuesday.

Over 100 nations have endorsed an EU motion that calls for a systemic review into the causes and handling of the COVID-19 crisis.

Mr Danby told Sky News host Chris Kenny it is in China’s interest to develop a “more robust World Health Organisation,” one which is not necessarily “controlled by some of the people so close to them”.

He said the international community know it was China who “ruined the health of hundreds of thousands of people, and ruined the world economy”.

“This COVID-19 has destroyed the economy of all their customers, who are they going to export to, who are they going to sell things to”.
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