The Work – I’m Afraid of Trump [WATCH]

To Byron Katie: Madame the peace and simple eloquence where in which you express wisdom in a way that appeals to peoples intelligence and not just their neurosis is admirable. I hope many people will see this and think about their thoughts and subsequent actions in a more cognitively aware manner and govern themselves unfettered with bondage of the body, mind, soul, and spirit in liberty, in Gods Good Grace.

Lets face it we are all at times some what neurotic.

Byron Katie takes a person to themselves and simply gets them to be honest, to be true to thine own self as it where.

In a series of leading questions she helps people navigate the prejudices in their minds, what created and sustains it, and in doing so helps people discover their own voice, the one that for some they have dissociated from for years in exchange for the media, societal lies, indoctrination, propaganda dogma, and prejudice in some form or another from every single human being and institution they have ever come in contact with save for God (IMHO)  etc.

Her approach is soft and honestly loving. She is warm but firm in leading to a conclusion with the subjects, that conclusion is who is really that person in relation to their thoughts or as it is described the “movie” in ones head. To many have been hypnotised by the flickering of that screens, forgetting the movie is being Watched by them. I call it the royal we: Me, Myself, and I.  it is only you watching your own movie. You are aloud to be aware of that, and even examine the content of ones own thoughts (where in lies ones own prejudices) and change the channel, critique and even dare I say challenge the narrative and admit to ones own self deception, and deception (or scenes) from the world.

In closing check it out. it is called The Work. I would caution some that they, or those whom they know might suffer from military grade cognitive dissonance, so if you find relief in it good for you, and for the planet, bearing that in mind one cannot force ones own liberation on another. Be kind and loving and in turn be blessed. S.J.:McIlwraith

A Trip through the forest of the lies in ones own minds eye

Published on 20 Jan 2017

A woman suffering from a deep-seated fear of Donald Trump questions her many thoughts about him. “He will create concentration camps,” she has written on her Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet, “cause a nuclear war, and ruin the environment. I want him to not be president, to disappear, or at least to get a better, kinder set of cabinet members. He should step aside and offer the space to Hillary Clinton or another Republican candidate. Trump shouldn’t say things that are racist, sexist, able-ist, homophobic, and xenophobic.”

Slowly, with Katie’s help, she questions these terrifying thoughts, sometimes with the help of the audience, and the heaviness of the thoughts begins to dissolve. After completing the inquiry, she has a moment of insight, as she realizes that it is the thoughts that create her fear, not Trump. She proceeds to tear up her Worksheet in a flourish of delight, to cheers from the audience. Katie turns to her with a smile and says, “You’ve just made America great again!”


Donald Trump Frightens Me—The Work of Byron Katie

Published on 20 Jan 2017

Dixie is frightened by Donald Trump because she’s afraid he will dismantle Obamacare and Social Security, ruin our economy, deport her immigrant neighbors, undermine the effort to combat global warming, abolish women’s reproductive rights, put us at risk of nuclear war, risk planetary destruction, and take away her hope for our country.

As Byron Katie helps her question her fears, Dixie begins to understand how it’s the images in her mind that frighten her, not Donald Trump. “When we believe our thoughts,” Katie says, “we’re hypnotized. This very moment is the only opportunity we have to make real change. The gift of life goes on no matter what you’re thinking and believing. Reality is always kinder than the story we’re believing about it.”

Follow-up message from Dixie: “For the first time since November 8th, I am meeting the new morning on its own terms. And as a result, in this moment, all is well in “my kitchen.'” 

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