The Woody Allen Sex Abuse Scandal Explained – VIDEO REPORT

Anyone who thinks Woody Allen is innocent will make one of four points. Firstly, that Mia Farrow consulted a lawyer before reporting what happened to Dylan Farrow. Secondly, that Moses Farrow (another child in the family) defends Woody Allen. Thirdly, that Mia Farrow only had good things to say about Woody for many years. Fourthly, that Yale-New Haven claimed Woody Allen was innocent.

Mia Farrow consulted a lawyer, took Dylan to a pediatrician, and law enforcement was alerted. Many say that Mia Farrow should have gone straight to the police, but they forget that she was working for Woody Allen at the time, a massively wealthy multi-millionaire with great influence. Especially considering that Woody Allen was the legal adoptive father of the child, it was better to be safe than sorry, and contact a lawyer.

Moses Farrow, a son of Mia Farrow, called her an abuser and says Woody Allen is innocent. Regardless, he was 14 years old at the time and not even present when the incident with Dylan occured. We have 4 people who actually were there, who said Woody is guilty. The feelings of Moses Farrow aren’t valid to this case.

Yale New Haven refused to testify in court on their findings. As if those findings even exist, because all the notes were conveniently lost at the time! Meaning, they were not a credible source to the case and it was right for the judge to disregard them as a source.

Now for the sticking point. Just a year before Dylan Farrow was molested, her mother signed a sworn affadavit that spoke highly of Woody Allen, to recommend he become a legal foster father. Then the next year, Mia Farrow accuses him of child molestation. Any justification I give for those actions would simply be theorizing and guess-work. The fact is, its a gaping hole in the case. Why would Mia Farrow make a rule for Woody Allen to never be alone with the kids, only for her to recommend him as becoming their legal father? Very strange…

Then again, are we just supposed to believe they dated 15 years and Mia Farrow changed for no reason? She suddenly flipped on Woody for no reason??? I don’t think so! Especially with the fact that Woody was already seeing a therapist over his behavior towards the kids…

Also I am aware of this site –

But it misrepresents, sensationalizes, and refuses to give the benefit of the doubt to anyone. In fact, its near entirely a character attack on Mia Farrow! This isn’t about Mia Farrow, this is about the molestation of a little girl. Don’t let Woody Allen apologists change the subject to try and protect him! Like when they say “Woody Allen passed a polygraph” – YEAH – a polygraph organized by his lawyers! Woody Allen refused the polygraph by the police! And then they say “Mia Farrow’s brother is in prison” – who the heck cares??? Woody Allen defenders will change the subject a million times just to avoid the hard truth – Woody Allen molested Dylan Farrow.
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