THE UNJABBED WILL BE #VINDICATED | “If Covid was a battlefield it would still be warm with the bodies of the unvaccinated…”

An opinion piece from a vaccinated Australian writer, that is equally relevant in NZ.

Yes its long, but I hope that some take a few minutes to read, it’s profound and wise.

And it makes me wonder about the truth of those early reports of the pandemic around the world …. how much did the media manipulate us and why?

“If Covid was a battlefield it would still be warm with the bodies of the unvaccinated. Thankfully the mandates are letting up and both sides of the war stumble back to the new normal.

The unvaccinated are the heroes of the last two years as they allowed us all to have a control group in the great experiment and highlight the shortcoming of the Covid vaccines.

The unvaccinated carry many battle scars and injuries as they are the people we tried to mentally break, yet no one wants to talk about what we did to them and what they forced “The Science“ to unveil.

We knew that the waning immunity of the fully vaccinated had the same risk profile as others within society as the minority of the unvaccinated, yet we marked them for special persecution.

You see we said they had not “done the right thing for the greater good” by handing their bodies and medical autonomy over to the State.

Many of the so-called health experts and political leaders in Australia admitted the goal was to make life almost unlivable for the unvaccinated, which was multiplied many times by the collective mob, with the fight taken into workplaces, friendships, and family gatherings.

Today the hard truth is none of it was justified as we took a quick slide from righteousness to absolute cruelty. We might lay the blame on our leaders and health experts for the push but each individual within society must be held accountable for stepping into the well-laid-out trap.

We did this despite knowing full well that principled opposition is priceless when it comes to what goes inside our bodies and we let ourselves be tricked into believing that going into another ineffective lockdown would be the fault of the unvaccinated and not the fault of the toxic policy of ineffective vaccines.

We took pleasure in scapegoating the unvaccinated because after months of engineered lockdowns by political leaders blinded by power, having someone to blame and to burn at the stake felt good.

We believed we had logic, love, and truth on our side so it was easy to wish death upon the unvaccinated.

Those of us who ridiculed and mocked the non-compliant did it because we were embarrassed by their courage and principles and didn’t think the unvaccinated would make it through unbroken and we turned the holdouts into punching bags. Lambie, Carr, Chant, Andrews, McGowan, Gunner, and the other cast of hundreds in prominent roles need to be held to account for vilifying the unvaccinated in public and fueling angry social media mobs.

The mobs, the mask Nazis, and the vaccine disciples have been embarrassed by “betting against” the unvaccinated because mandates only had the power we gave them.

It was not compliance that ended domination by Big Pharma Companies, Bill Gates and his many organizations, and the World Economic Forum… It was THANKS to the people we tried to embarrass, ridicule, mock and tear down.

We should all try and find some inner gratitude for the unvaccinated as we took the bait by hating them because their perseverance and courage bought us the time to see we were wrong.

So if mandates ever return for Covid or any other disease or virus, hopefully, more of us will be awake and see the rising authoritarianism that has no concern for our well-being and is more about power and control. The War on the Unvaccinated was lost and we should all be very thankful for that.”

“I’ve spent 19 years of my life caring for your family, for your children, for your aunties, for your uncles, for your loved ones… and I’m being thrown in the gutter like a piece of dirt” – Chloé


Rest in Peace.

3 thoughts on “THE UNJABBED WILL BE #VINDICATED | “If Covid was a battlefield it would still be warm with the bodies of the unvaccinated…”

  • July 24, 2022 at 6:51 am

    Conway Judge
    “Emergency they say. Pandemic they call it. Just consider this.

    If we were desperately needing houses after a huge cyclone ripped thousands apart, what would we need to make it happen?

    *building materials ready and made available (materials)

    *land to build on. (land)

    *more staff or builders to assemble structures. (staff)

    Without those three key resources, no amount of planning and beurocracy can actually make anything happen. Take away one element from above and the rest fail and the progress ultimately stalls.

    Let’s consider the pandemic response in the same light.

    If there was an emergency the key resources required to respond to the pandemic are slightly different, yet eerily similar.

    *We need the greatest number of facilities and hospital beds.(Land)

    *The tools, equipment and various treatment or therepeutic option for preventing, managing disease and also post patient care. (Materials)

    *The greatest number of medical staff, trained to the highest possible level (Staff)

    Now lets look at what we see actually happening in the real world.

    *Staff are being fired when they are needed the most. Huge shortages in nurses, paramedics and GPs

    *Hospitals are closing down as they are earthquake prone or riddled with asbestos. They knew of this issue for 10 years but it’s still happening.

    *And they’re denying access to proven therapeutics and are instead insisting on novel risky ones. There is no public health promotion. There is no boost to our mental health system or change to the availability of counseling services. There is nothing but experimental jabs.

    Yet the government spent unheard of money during this pandemic response. So where did it go?”

  • July 24, 2022 at 6:52 am

    We unjabbed have lost jobs, been ostracized from friends and family, shamed into being at the level of uncaring selfish and less than human beings.
    Most of the unjabbed have not got sick. We also don’t suffer from the consequences of taking an experimental DNA/RNA concoction that has detrimentally changed human bodies forever.

    Those of us unjabbed who rejected the mandates for religious reasons, besides the obvious medical reasons, have been singled out for special persecution throughout this debacle. We have stood strong, and rejected the mandates of this world, and only trusted in God. We have been tested through the firestorm of a vaccine dictatorship, and have emerged victorious.
    tiger1 User ID: 79267566

  • July 24, 2022 at 6:53 am

    Let’s also remember that there are lipid nanoparticles in these injections and unknown technologies that are transcribing into the human genome as a grand experiment with detrimental consequences. These spike proteins are targeting the liver, spleen and ovaries. It now seems apparently that population control is at least a major component in the goal to change every human in an ungodly way.
    SFX – User ID: 13475882

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