The Stellarator Fusion reactor designed in hell makes its debut – The “Black Horse” of nuclear reactors

I am not making this title up.  As reported by Science Magazine this fusion reactor was a “nightmare” to build. Named  The Wendelstein 7-X. How they choose to say it was designed in hell… I am not sure.  even more ominous sounding is that this Stellarator is further called a “black horse”. You can’t make this stuff up.

The “Black Horse” of nuclear reactors

Known in the plasma physics community as the “black horse” of reactors that use nuclear fusion, stellarators are notoriously difficult to build.

The video below shows the various layers of The  W7-X, taking 19 years to complete:

And after more than a year of testing, the engineers are ready to fire up the $1.1 billion machine for the first time. It could happen before the end of this month, Science reported.


If The Wendelstein 7-X  works as planned it may well make a new path to fusion energy.

What is Fusion power?

Fusion power is the generation of energy by nuclear fusion. Fusion reactions are high energy reactions in which two lighter atomic nuclei fuse to form a heavier nucleus. When they combine, some of the mass is lost. This is converted into energy, in accordance with the formula E=mc^2.[1] Fusion power is a research effort to try and harness this energy to power large scale cleaner energy. It is also a major part of plasma physics research. Source:

Here is a smaller scale version of a StellaratorThe Helically Symmetric Stellarator at the University of Wisconsin

The Helically Symmetric Stellarator

Helically Symmetric Experiment (HSX) at the Torsatron Stellarator Laboratory of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI.  HaTTiP Read more: IB 

On one last note is it odd that this thing they say was made in Hell and is called the Black Horse should be fired up around Halloween 2015?
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