The Siberia UFO/Alien Cover Up, Step by Step:

The Siberia UFO/Alien Cover Up, Step by Step:

  1. reports that a loud, glowing ball hovered over hundreds of witnesses in Irkutsk. Astronomers suggest a meteor.
  2. The same UFO shows up a second time! Many videos of this news report have been removed from YouTube. There is never an explanation for this identical pair of UFO sightings. IGNORE
  3. A few months later, video of an alien body discovered in Irkutsk surfaces. The video has been taken down from YouTube a few times. Here’s one version of it. BURY
  4. The same week that this event happens – one that circulated all the way up to Fox News, by the way – a totally absurd and OLD story about cat-like aliens in Russia, based on no reliable evidence, is put out across multiple sites, and steals the spotlight from this story. DISTRACT
  5. derails/404s message board threads (1, 2) that pop up about the alien body. The community reaches out to the moderators and receive a disappointing explanation that outlet is banned on their site and is the ‘origin’ of the story. BURY
  6. Fox News and other outlets circulate a story about the alien body being a hoax. Note that derailed the threads about the alien body before word of hoax got out, and the hoax was not blamed on, after all. Any UFO or paranormal story that Fox News, along with other mainstream media, reports on will always leaded to debunking-ville – it’s as if it’s planned that way. LIE
  7. The story of “hoax” does not match up to the original account!

“One of the men who allegedly found the alien was quoted as saying, “We couldn’t believe it when we saw it. And what was spooky is that there was no sign of the spaceship. Perhaps that was taken away and the body overlooked.”

  • Original story: the main, unnamed discoverer discusses the finding openly.

The chief editor of the local Kabansk-Info newspaper initially thought that it was the body of an infant in the video and alerted the police.  Officers immediately started the investigation and identified the alleged author.   

They went to his house and asked him about the infant’s body.  The scared man reportedly showed a fake alien corpse.  It was even painted in “alien colors”.  Scolding is the only possible punishment for such a stunt as it cannot be considered a crime, the report says.

  • Follow-up “hoax” story: Discoverers are “outed” as hoaxers on accident, in a totally different string of events.

“The tiny “dead alien” is just skin from chicken filled with bread, reports the website Police questioned the men who claimed to have found the “body” and they allegedly confessed to creating it themselves. “

  • The methods for hoaxing the body don’t hold much water.
  • A comment on the story: “I have stuffed several chickens in my day, being from a culinary background. I must admit, if this is a chicken, its the first time i have ever seen chicken skin with a smooth texture, and transparent enough to see vivid vein structure in it. if i have to agree with anyone, it would be aviz…skinless cat theory. I however doubt that also. mr christopher gordon, you my good man, have my vote. et phoned home for a blanket and they didnt make it in time.”

“Local media reported there were numerous reports of UFO sightings in the area in March, some of them later attributed to bombing training at a nearby military range.”

  • How is a loud, glowing UFO that shows up two times and just hovers, a bomb?
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