The Shocking Display Seen at NYC’s Muslim Day Parade

New York City’s Madison Avenue was the site of the 29th annual Muslim Day Parade on Sunday. Last year’s Muslim Day Parade sparked some controversy as the black flags of jihad were spotted along the parade route. According to reports from a couple of sources, no black flags or flags from the Islamic State were on display.

However, that does not mean the parade was without controversy.

A marching band from the NYPD and a contingent of New Jersey Girl Scouts in Muslim attire kicked off the event. The streets were filled with flag-waving marchers, pro-Islam floats and a demonstration of a hanging.

That’s right, a hanging:

Image: / Urban Infidel

The mannequin seen dangling from a noose on this float was wrapped in the flag of Egypt. It’s unclear exactly what it was meant to represent:

Image: / Urban Infidel

The “float” was really a crude display in the bed of a pickup truck adorned with the yellow and black R4BIA “Free Egypt” symbol that has been associated with the Muslim Brotherhood since August 2013, an Egyptian flag and several graphic images that appeared to be from riots associated with Egypt’s revolution from 2011:

Image: / Urban Infidel

Women and children dressed in yellow garb followed the truck, carrying a large banner with the R4BIA logo and the words “Free Egypt”:

Free Egypt Banner

Blogger Urban Infidel captured the hanging float rolling down the parade route:

One of the more bizarre floats was the “Pharaoh’s Chariot.” The two-wheeled cart, carrying a man dressed in military garb seen cracking his whip as supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood pulled him down Madison Avenue.

Image: / Urban Infidel

The men in black shirts were seen carrying tubes and sticks as they marched alongside the chariot. However, before the parade started, the same men were photographed carrying realistic-looking toy weapons. The NYPD reportedly told the men that the fake guns would not be permitted in the parade.

Image: YouTube screen capture. Photo taken by  tmdrdd

Also escorting the chariot, three men wearing masks depicting Secretary of State John Kerry, President Barack Obama, and Senator John McCain:

Image: / Urban Infidel

Watch the chariot roll down the street:

(H/T: Urban Infidel)
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