The Richest And Most Powerful Corporation The World has Ever Known – To Drop Religion And Deliver Total Dictatorship

~Q~: 11/03/2014

The Richest And Most Powerful Corporation The World has Ever Known – To Drop Religion And Deliver Total Dictatorship

When PUSH comes to SHOVE, Rothschild is just a SMOM.

They are used as a convenient cover, by the Vatican, which we know is controlled by the Jesuits,but the real controllers of the Vatican Finances are Opus Dei, which I have stated on many occasions. They have liquid assets in excess of £11 Trillion, & could buy all the Bankers out with their small change.

Wealth of R.C.C
The Catholic Church, the richest and most powerful corporation the world has ever known, will drop religion and deliver Total Dictatorship. WASP December 28, 2013 2:42 pm

The Rothschilds attained their position by being (Pleasers) Juden Hoff. The SMOM Jews are “Papal Puppets”.

The Jews are the Front of the Horse, & are seen to also be the organisers, & controllers which is just the way the Jesuits planned it.

Israel was set up by the Third Reich, of which Fr. Heinrich Himmler was the actual top Nazi, & only second in command to the Black Pope. The SS were in fact Jesuit appointed, many of whom were well aware of the plan, to exterminate, ethnic jews &, set up the State of Israel, to be populated by pseudo jews.

Israel, is a puppet state, controlled by the Vatican, it has been, & still is controlled by the Vatican’s SMOMS.

Communism was introduced into Russia using, it’s Jesuits of the Long, & short cloth or coadjutors.

Not to understand this is the height of naivety.

The original purpose of communism was to be a Sister Organisation, to Catholicism, but like “The Greatest Schemes of Mice, & Men” it didn’t quite pan out like that, Fr. Joe Stalin was never meant to take control of Russia!

The Extermination Camps were administered by the Jesuits, who used Jews as their operators, but they weren’t the controllers.

The Jesuits are in total control of America, Obama is just a “Puppet.”
The real power behind the throne is the top SMOM Biden who has his coadjutor side kicks, Kerry & Mc.Cain. Biden has more than a close association with the Jesuits, & is “Vice” in name only.

I will try & get around to sending some more Posts, but I am at present trying to get some reading done on subjects not related to the Blog, & some of the Posts take quite a bit of time to complete.

Nothing has given me reason to change my mind on this issue, “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing” still lead the way.

The Vatican’s official newspaper has praised the Beatles for their ‘beautiful’ music. Photograph: Vincenzo Pinto/AFP


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