The NY Fed Exposed: “Dictatorial Power with No Oversight”

What I have been afraid to blog about: The ESF and Its History (Part 1-3)

“While putting the Treasury in charge of monetary policy was bad enough, even worse was the way the ESF was set-up, Dictatorial power with no oversight.”

Below please witness an amazing presentation as to some of the many reasons behind the “breakdown” of American society. Linked together are not only the NY Federal Reserve Bank but also the IMF, World Bank, CIA, Black Ops and a “Money Laundering Conspiracy” of the highest magnitude. The newest “BCCI” of our world!

This series of videos exposes the greatest “economic powerhouse” the world has ever known. He links it to almost everything that the US govt has done that might be considered ‘evil’.

The videos are very short, easy to follow, and very well put together.

Most importantly, he has documented EVERYTHING, backed up by facts, news stories, and documents.

Please watch them and send them out to your everyone on your contact list.

Please see the entire story here with amazing facts and much more proof:



Links to material covered in video:

INTRO (part 1)

Exchange Stabilization Fund — Introduction (Treasury’s website)

Above a Chinese Cafe, GAO Men Investigate Secret Treasury Unit (Wall Street Journal, Jan 28, 1971)

Us Treasury Has Control-free ‘kitty’ (St. Petersburg Times, May 24, 1976)

Two Billions Secretly Used By Treasury (Gettysburg Times, Dec 7, 1940)

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