The next 7 days might be beyond horrible.

We are looking at a constant double threat of CME waves starting late tonight. Expect radio knock outs, and medical issues. The second wave is a full X10+could arrive within 24 hours. Strong enough to burn the very power grid of an entire conteint. In history it has caused massive black outs. Search the carrington event.

However that would not be enough to force me into writing a post right now. Instead I with a heavy stomach must also remind of the large consequence these solar releases will have among the following storms. Irma will grow, and the following two storms will increase in record time. They already are.

First the lights will go out, and then the storm will come.

I pray I am ignorant.

EDIT – to all the questions start here

Each source has countering opinions, but the one I follow is suspicious observers. This is not something to take lightly.

To the hurricane and solar storm effect go here.

I know these sources are showing a 9.333, but that is old data. BPearthwatch has some new data, but I know people have problems with their rep. So instead I encourage sourcing his charts I will do shortly. After I am done Cooking, and having an existential crisis to prepare for this.



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