The Most Epic Courtroom Battle No One Knew About

Durham’s Federal Grand Jury Got All The Evidence After A Long Courtroom Battle Over Subpoenas That Took Place In Utter And Total Secrecy

Special Counsel John Durham took on Hillary Clinton and the entire phalanx of crooked lawyers she had doing her dirty work – and he beat them all.

The biggest unreported Spygate story [besides Hillary’s campaign likely being compromised at the top by Russian intelligence] is the years-long Battle Royale between Durham’s Special Counsel’s Office and Hillary Clinton’s phalanx of high-priced lawyers and her political operative network, comprised of the Clinton Foundation, Perkins Coie and Fusion GPS. That furious court battle was over the federal grand jury subpoenas for the Steele Dossier/Alfa Bank/federal contractor spying documents that the entire world now knows Durham has in his possession.

The reason that huge story of how Durham got these crucial and damning documents from Clinton & Co. has gone unreported is because this epic court fight was carried out in complete and utter secrecy without any leaking occurring to alert the press or the public that it was going on.

Few Realized At The Time What the Documents Contained In The Sussman Indictment Implied

Last September, right after Durham unsealed the indictment of top Hillary Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann, I wrote this column for Dave at X22 Report.

Please read it now, if you haven’t yet.

Durham Is On The Hunt, Stealth Bombers Can Strike Without Warning, This Is Just The Beginning

The charging document is replete with mentions of billing records, internal memoranda, emails, text messages and phone conversations between all of the players involved in what has become known as “The Alfa Bank Hoax”.

As the world now knows, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign held a top level strategy meeting on July 26, 2016 during which the candidate was presented with a plan to vilify Donald Trump by having her operatives create fake Trump/Russia collusion hoaxes as a means of distracting the public from her on-going email server scandal. After having the plan carefully explained to her, Clinton gave her approval to move forward with it.

The Alfa Bank hoax sprang directly from that meeting. Clinton’s campaign staff contracted with two lawyers at the Perkins Coie law firm, Marc Elias and Michael Sussmann, to work with federal cybersecurity contractors under Neustar Vice-President Rodney Joffe to invent a Trump/Russia scandal using digital information in order to claim Trump and his close associates were in secret communications with the Russian government.

Sussmann’s indictment is full of detailed billing records, where both he and Elias are meticulously billing the Clinton campaign for the time they spent on the ‘Russian bank project’. Emails are included that were exchanged among the Alfa Bank hoax team members, where they discuss how flimsy their hoax is, and brainstorm about ways they can try to make the fake evidence look more convincing so as to ensure that the federal agencies they planned to approach with the hoax would take it from them. They also discuss among themselves how they hope the hoax they are concocting will result in Trump being investigated by law enforcement, something that would likely cause him to lose the coming presidential race.

The Sussmann Indictment Clearly Shows A Criminal Conspiracy Where Clinton’s Campaign Lawyers Are Directly Involved In It

I’m sure the Perkins Coie bigwigs carefully scanned all the documents the firm was required to hand over in response to the subpoenas it received from the Durham Special Counsel’s grand jury, and got an eyeful of what was obviously a criminal conspiracy to create fake hoaxes and lie to federal agencies to get them to investigate the Trump campaign. The firm’s top partners would’ve instantly realized once Durham had this stuff, Elias and Sussmann were huge liabilities to the firm.

Which explains why Elias suddenly made a surprise departure from the firm in late August.

Elias sold it to the media like it was his own idea, to suddenly bolt from Perkins Coie and start his own firm just 3 weeks before Sussmann got indicted. I sincerely doubt that was the case, though. It’s very likely the firm tossed him.

The Moment The Federal Judge Ruled Durham Had Proven His Case and Clinton’s Claim of Attorney/Client Privilege Was Vitiated By the Fraud/Crime Exception Her Fate Was SEALED

Most people just don’t realize this yet.

The Clinton’s ‘magic trick’ for avoiding accountability all these years has been using their dirty lawyers as their middlemen, so that the attorney/client privilege could shield their criminal actions. Whenever Clinton’s launched some new illegal venture, they knew how to make sure the lawyers were carefully placed between them and the foot soldiers doing the grunt work.

So for decades, when investigators were on the Clinton’s trail for all the bribery, graft, corruption, etc. they would run into a wall of lawyers and the Clinton’s would snidely say “Talk to my lawyers. Oh wait, that’s under attorney client privilege! [Smirk!] They can’t tell you anything!”

“Oh look at those poor fools trying to investigate us, Bill! They just ran right into our lawyers!”

Only ONE MAN and his team has ever gone up against and beaten the massive phalanx of dirty lawyers that the Clinton’s surround themselves with.

“Yeah, they tried the old Attorney/Client Privilege trick to cover up all their crimes. But I know how to beat that.”

Remember that weird video Hillary Clinton made in September of 2020, with a glowering Bill Clinton in the background watching sullenly as she babbled into the camera in a panic that Joe Biden **must not concede defeat** if he lost the upcoming election? I do!

The podcast in early September 2020 where Hillary Clinton suddenly went on a panicked rant yelling that no matter what happens, Joe Biden must **not** concede to Trump if he loses the upcoming Presidential election. A surprised and sullen Bill Clinton watches, powerless to stop the trainwreck.

Go check the date that video was made. I’m pretty sure behind the scenes THAT was when it first began to enter the Clinton’s mind that they were up against a truly formidable opponent in John Durham, and he might actually win that subpoena fight for all their documents in federal court. Her barely concealed panic and Bill’s sullen body language speak volumes.

Why This Epic Courtroom Battle For The Ages Was Done In Complete Secrecy

The chief characteristic of grand jury proceedings is that they are secret. S-E-C-R-E-T. They are done in the strictest secrecy.

There is no public announcement when a US Attorney or a Special Counsel seats a grand jury to begin an investigation. There is no press release to the public or the news media as to who or what is being targeted by the grand jury. When and if that grand jury begins issuing subpoenas for testimony from targets and witnesses or for documentary evidence, those subpoenas are not announced with a press conference.

People are asking me what date this judge ruled in Durham’s favor and which judge it was. Useless questions. Because nobody knows. Because federal grand jury proceedings are SECRET.

If we knew who the judge was that was hearing these subpoena cases when they were heard, we’d know which courtroom in which district in which state the grand jury was meeting. And what did I just tell you? GRAND JURY PROCEEDINGS ARE DONE IN THE STRICTEST SECRECY. So only the people who were directly involved know which judge heard the case in which courtroom.

So this years-long epic battle in in a particular federal courtroom in front of a particular federal judge over whether or not Durham’s grand jury would get these documents from Clinton’s campaign people, Fusion GPS, Perkins Coie, Neustar, etc. was carried out under a complete and total media blackout. No announcements were made. Nothing leaked about it.

But we know this court fight happened because Durham got the documents. Well over 500,000 that he’s disclosed thus far, just in the Sussmann case.

The Grand Jury Was Likely Seated Just Before The Clinesmith Indictment

Due to the extensive and exhaustive investigation from 2017 thru late 2020 by DOJ Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz, Durham was handed a lot of evidence he didn’t need a grandy jury to get for him. Horowitz just handed it to him.

Former FBI and Mueller Special Counsel lawyer Kevin Clinesmith and DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz

And a key piece of evidence that Durham got from the DOJ Office of the Inspector General [OIG] was the original email the CIA sent to the FBI about former Trump campaign advisor Carter Page being an asset for the intelligence agency, and the doctored email that FBI lawyer and Mueller SCO team member Kevin Clinesmith put into the FISA warrant application that was presented to the FISC in late October of 2016.

Durham got handed that one on a silver platter. No grand jury subpoena needed. All he had to do was put the original CIA email and the doctored email Clinesmith admitted to changing side-by-side in front of the grand jury and he had his first indictment.

But right after that is when I suspect the heavy lifting began. Because Durham knew to make his case and expose how Hillary Clinton launched multiple Russiagate hoaxes via her private contractors working in coordination with news media outlets and several federal agencies, he would need to get inside the offices of those private contractors and seize the documentary evidence.

And that meant using grand jury subpoenas.

And of course, when the former members of the Clinton campaign, and the lawyers at Perkins Coie, and the cybersecurity people at Neustar and Georgia Tech, and Glenn Simpson and Christopher Steele at Fusion GPS all received their subpoenas from Durham’s grand jury, all of them began preparing for the fight of their lives.

The entire time people were telling you nothing was going on from the Clinesmith indictment in August 2020 to September of 2021 when the Sussmann indictment suddenly dropped, behind the scenes, out of sight, ‘neath the waves, behind the curtain….an epic court battle was fought. And the good guys won it.

We Know Durham Won the Subpoena Fight Because He Shows the Documents In His Indictments

All those documents that Durham has been showing and alluding to having in his indictments and case filings were not meekly handed over to him by Hillary Clinton and her former campaign staff. They were not immediately surrendered by Marc Elias or Michael Sussmann at Perkins Coie once they got their subpoena from Durham’s grand jury. Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS probably laughed out loud at first and tossed the Durham grand jury subpoena in the trash basket when he first got it.

New evidence may prove Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson ...
Fusion GPS Co-Founder Glenn Simpson, who helped create and shop the fake Steele Dossier to media outlets and federal agencies

Only after a few months had gone by did it begin to dawn on these goons that Durham was not only serious about forcing them to hand over all this evidence, he was very likely going to win.

Somebody on the inside of the criminal conspiracy likely flipped. Maybe several somebodies. We don’t know yet who flipped first. But apparently Durham had a pretty good idea what documents to have the grand jury demand in their subpoenas.

Clinton and her team of dirty tricksters knew if Durham was successful in convincing the federal judge hearing their vociferous challenges to the grand jury subpoenas that Clinton had knowledge not only of crimes she and others were planning to commit, but she’d also **directly involved her own lawyers in the planning and commission of these crimes**…that judge was going to rule in Durham’s favor, and then that judge was going enforce the subpoenas and order them to hand everything over.

And if that happened? That was the ballgame. It was game over.

Hillary Clinton, Marc Elias, Jake Sullivan, Robby Mook, Glenn Simpson, Rodney Joffe, Michael Sussmann…all of them know what’s in the emails, text messages, phone calls, memoranda, billing records etc. that Durham was demanding they hand over to the grand jury.


No, they did not meekly hand them over.

The grand jury getting this stuff would SEAL THEIR FATE.

You think Hillary Clinton meekly handed over the documents she knew would not only prove she ordered the dirty trick operations that led to the Alfa Bank/Steele Dossier hoaxes, but also the blatantly illegal mining of the federal databases by her own private operatives, up to and including spying on the Executive Office of the President?

No, she FOUGHT.


And she LOST.

“This…this never happened before…this isn’t FAIR!”

There’s nothing anybody can to do save her. Her fate’s already sealed. The ending of this story is not in doubt. It’s just a question of when we get to the third act.

Durham got it all.

He’s got everything he needs to make the cases stick.

He says he can prove with the documentary evidence given to his grand jury that the illegal spying on the EOP went on.

You know what? I believe him.

And you can quote me on that.

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