The Hutchison Effect

Hutchison 2006 Full Experimental-Footage

For the first time in over a decade, Canadian inventor John Hutchison has reproduced the “Hutchison-Effect” in his homebuilt lab-environment. In our exclusive video footage, taken March 4th by researcher Harold Berndt, over 1,500 pounds of test-equipment is seen to spontaneously jump after what Berndt describes as an audible change in equipment noise that occurred while Hutchison was calibrating his test apparatus. This is the full 40-minute clip for the Hutchison-Effect in 2006, detailing Hutchison’s experimental procedures & equipment setup. One notable event from this clip has been reported.

John Hutchison’ Crystal Power Converter Technology Presentation


Boyd Bushman, Lockheed Martin Scientist, mentions John Hutchison’s work and experminents:
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