The Grandfather of Jeff Bezos was a founder of DARPA. He probably could have answered a lot of questions about the JFK Assassination.

Jeff Bezos grandfather was Lawrence Preston Gise (1915 to 1995.)
L.P. Gise was a Senior Administrator at the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) in the 1950s. In 1958, L.P. Gise was one of the four original founders of the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), later renamed DARPA (“D” for Defense.)

His tenure at the AEC should be interesting to JFK Assassination researchers.

In 1957, NUMEC, the first commercial producer of weapons grade uranium, was formed.

NUMEC was granted a license by the AEC and the company began producing weapons grade uranium for the US Nuclear Forces.

Most, if not all of the fuel grade uranium needed to produce the weapons grade uranium came from the US Navy’s fuel production facility.

The discovery of the disappearance of 300 lbs. of Weapons Grade Uranium in 1965 from the NUMEC plant in Apollo, Pennsylvania is known as the Apollo Affair.

The 300 lbs ended up in Israel’s Nuclear Weapons program (confirmed after its first nuke test in 1968.)

JFK was adamantly opposed to Israel having nuclear weapons. This opposition is what got him killed.


The Mossad may have gotten its hands on the nuke bomb material, but they did not steal it.

The amounts involved, and the technical requirements to keep the whole thing a secret, required more than just a handful of Mossad agents.

Huge stores of missing fuel grade uranium would need to be accounted for, as well as waste and interim chemicals to refine low grade Uranium into the high grade stuff.

The Mossad likely bought the weapons grade uranium, which means the US Military and Industrial Complex sold it to them.

Bezos’ Grandfather Helped Found DARPA. Before That Though, L.P. Gise Was A High-Level Director At The AEC.


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