The George Papadopoulos Interview You’ve Been Waiting For. The Dan Bongino Show. – VIDEO

An no holds bar interview re: his obvious set up, an illegal set up by the Deep State.


One YT commentator:


By now we know there were no Trump Russia collusion. What the heck is Mueller doing? Why are we still paying for his corrupt tainted witch hunt? Seems as if though they are playing the same stalling game like their partner ( the democrats), just waiting for Midterm. I believe they are still working diligently behind the scenes to bring down this President. Some of those people might be gone, but they may be still doing their dirty work. The President need to get rid of all the Obama hold over including the upper echelon in the DOJ Department and bring in his own people in. MR. PRESIDENT RELEASE THE DOCUMENT. WHY SHOULD YOU CARE WHAT THEY THINK OR WHAT THEY SAY. HECK THEY DON’T EVEN WANT TO SHOW UP IN FRONT OF CONGRESS. THEY DON’T GIVE A DARN ABOUT YOU. BUT WE DO. RELEASE RELEASE RELEASE THE DOCUMENT!
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