The Face Of Satan? Erie Face Seen In Radioactive Clouds Emitted From Fukushima Reactor 3


The Face Of Satan?  Erie Face Seen In Radioactive Clouds Emitted From Fukushima Reactor 3

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Reactor 3 of the of the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant is suspected to be on the verge of complete meltdown; A catastrophe that could lead to 89 tons of radioactive waste being flooded into the earth’s sea and skies. This weekend security cameras at the site showed smoke billowing from the top of the plant which shocked spectators when it took on a demonic visage. The face of Satan can clearly be seen in the toxic cloud above the failing reactor. This chilling image has horrified the nation and many are worried that it is a definitive sign of the end times.

A statement’s been leaked by one of the Japanese workers who were present. “We saw the smoke rising from the buildings but no one knew the cause. Once it reached the skyline it began to form a terrible face.”

Another worker who claims to have witnessed the incident told us: I was raised Buddhist, but upon seeing the face I immediately fell to my knees and began to pray. I cried out for Jesus Christ to protect me. There was no denying it was Satan. The waters around the plant began to boil and the sky was so very dark with smoke. I’ve since converted to Christianity…”

Revelation speaks of seas boiling, the skies blacking out, and fish washing up dead upon the shores. It seems that the bible has forecast all of the events that have unfolded since the catastrophic failure at the plant which began on March 2011. The failure occurred when the plant was hit by the tsunami that was triggered by the Tohoku earthquake. The plant began releasing substantial amounts of radioactive material on March 12th and things have only gotten progressively worse since then.

I’m currently on the West coast of North America in my Hollywood Hills home and many of the Hollywood stars have already begun to abandon their expensive coastal properties, heading East beyond the margin where the radioactive contamination is destined to hit. The fallout has allegedly been expected to hit the gulf of Alaska first before it slams all the way down the West coast towards Mexico turning the entire coast into a toxic no man’s land.

In the wake of Japan’s second nuclear disaster, the Japanese Government are paying the country’s homeless to clean up the hazardous spill. The derelicts are shoveled in 12 at a time with mops and crude bio hazard suits and act as temporary, expendable janitors. Many of the workers who saw the face in the smoke have become born again Christians. They also claim to have experienced odd, “supernatural” occurrences around the facility.

No official news reports have been made by the major news organizations regarding Reactor 3′s status. Even TEPCO officials indicate they are unsure as to why the Reactor is emitting noxious fumes. One thing is entirely certainly sure and that’s the fact that Fukushima spells trouble for the whole world

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