The Epstein scandal may be one of the biggest political scandals in a long time. It has the potential to bring down a lot of powerful people.

Bill Clinton Flew On Jeffrey Epstein’s Private Plane 27 Times!

BOMBSHELL: Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter on Jeffrey Epstein’s Arrest: “It is quite likely that some of our faves are implicated”

Epstein case investigative journalist – Underage girls were on Epstein’s jet “almost every time” when Clinton was on it too

The Epstein scandal may be one of the biggest political scandals in a long time. It has the potential to bring down a lot of powerful people.

Obvious statement is obvious, I know.

Here is the deal, though. This topic is SO politically charged and important that your average, honest user, that is blinded by politics, will be here throwing shade one way or the other.

There will most certainly be government actors and paid political activists here trying to manipulate discussion on this topic.

There is simply too much at stake to let this subject go unmanipulated. There are very powerful people with a lot to lose now and they will do everything and anything to avoid being brought to justice.

I think we can expect scorched Earth tactics being employed by lots of different people in an attempt to avoid being held accountable.

This scandal is likely going to make everyone unhappy as they see their heroes fall. This could make the entire system crash if enough people legitimately lose faith and confidence in the system.

Imagine learning your heroes, the people you voted for, the people that espoused your ideals are criminals of the worst order? That is going to happen.

And if you think your side is safe and you sit there smugly watching your political opponents squirm, then you are not paying attention.

This scandal is going to include a lot of people and will cover both sides of the isle.

An even darker side of the Epstein case : the Laybornes.

If you search the flight logs, you’ll find that both Kit and Geraldine went to Pedo Island on the Lolita Express.

Kit Laybourne is a TV producer and educator. Laybourne was an executive producer of animation, documentary and interactive shows at Oxygen Network a company co-founded by his wife Geraldine and Oprah Winfrey. His major production credits include Eureeka’s Castle and Gullah Gullah Island for Nickelodeon, Liquid Television for MTV, Braingames for HBO, and Media Probes for PBS. Most recently, he became Chief Creative Officer for The Whistle, a media company focusing on sports for kids.

Geraldine Laybourne is a former TV executive and an American entrepreneur in media and technology. She led the team that created Nickelodeon in the 1980s and ’90s and co-founded Oxygen Media.[2] She is co-founder of a tech startup called Katapult.

And BOTH are on the board for Kindercare – a company that focuses on early childhood development and education..

Ann Coulter Says Jeffrey Epstein Is The Cover Boy For a Global State-Sponsored Blackmailing Operation.

Ann Coulter Thinks Epstein Had A “State Sponsor” & Was Running A “Blackmailing” Operation

Just a pic of prince Andrew and one of Epstein’s young female “guests” happy with their arms around each other


Les Wexner, the CEO of L Brands (owns Victoria’s Secret) purchased the at 9 E 71st Street in 1989.

In 2011, it was transferred to Jeffrey Epstein’s Virgin Islands-based Maple Inc. for $0


Billionaire Founder of Victoria’s Secret, Les Wexner, Tied to Child Sex Ring Leader Jeffrey Epstein … …

Sweet Polly breaks it all down.
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