The end of a world power: Obama calls China to order…..

The Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has shown the yellow card to the Americans, the Americans will have to pay their debts to China on time.This is a diplomatic slap in the face for Barack Obama, who suddenly appears as small as the Greek rabbit caught in the headlights of the financial elites. The big battles are fought symbolically. The loss of face for the U.S. is the maximum penalty that has to forgive China.

 The Chinese Premier Li Keqiang urges Americans to the punctual payment of the debt. China is the largest creditor of the U.S. - and now leads the debt-President downright ago. (Photo: Reuters)The Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has a clear message to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry turned on Thursday Li said that “China the issue of the American debt ceiling great attention” dedicate. The statements were published on the government website.

These remarks, as short as it may be, casts a spotlight on the conditions of world powers: the Americans have become massively in debt – and now need to do the bidding of the Chinese. China has about 60 percent of its foreign investments in U.S. Asstes. For Beijing, so there are 2 trillion U.S. dollars at stake.

Already at the beginning of the week, the Chinese Vice Finance Minister Zhu Guangyao had asked the Americans to “ensure the safety of Chinese investments.”In the event that the U.S. debt limit may not increase, the Americans would firsthave to service their debt obligations to the holders of government bonds, Zhu said.

In fact, the risk of technical bankruptcy is low – such as Goldman Sachs has identified: This would be to the credit swaps (CDS) based, which with a total of $ 23 billion and $ 3.3 billion with a maturity at the end of September. This “credit event” that would ISDA cry, the international repository for credit insurance. The probability of this happening is low, Goldman explained on Business Insider .

In fact, the process reminds of Greece: The Greeks stuck in the debt trap – not because the citizens living in the lap of luxury, but because of the highly indebted country can not service its debts.

Already in Greece was to see why the fact overdue state bankruptcy did not occur, the banks had to ensure that the money that they have available on their balance sheets in the form of promissory notes, was somehow upset about the Ponzi scheme of the global financial system. Thus the grotesque situation has revealed that Greece gets in a fort money from the EU – not to save the euro, but the banks of the state to fund the debt service with European taxpayers’ money. The money goes then, like any good snowball system, back into the pockets of those who have actually been there: In the case of Greece, the ECB The interest burden, however, results that the debt will be higher and higher..

This is called drug addiction in the world financial system.

Even in the case of the USA, the Chinese will do the devil and the Americans put the knife to his throat. Even in the case of the U.S. Bankruptcy has long been the same process as the transition in Europe: The U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) buys as Lunatic t U.S. Treasuries. Thus, the Fed pulls the money from the markets, forcing U.S. taxpayers to assume the liability for the U.S. debt policy. Exactly the same thing happened in Greece: the banks have rolled through haircut and timely withdrawal of all their junk bonds on the European taxpayer.

And the pay out for decades now.

Similarly, the American taxpayer will pay.

The slap of the Chinese for Obama also corresponds to the Greek model: Government of Athens are treated as bad debtors will simply treated in Brussels: We do not kill, because you still need – ultimately harms the total failure of the creditor as well as the debtor. But they are humble, some by sending them each month over the Men in Black (Troika).

A Troika will not appear with President Obama.

The call to order from Beijing, which would have been earlier as “interference in the internal affairs” completely unthinkable, is a tougher measure than a few bureaucrats for money driving.

He makes the loss of face clearly.

This is the maximum penalty in Asia.

The great battles you will not lose in a passage of arms, but in icon actions that make clear who is above and who is below.

The U.S. has lost the unrestrained debt-delusion their aura.

America – the end of a world power.
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