The Economic Collapse Of China! $30 Trillion Dollar Dark Cloud Of Debt – 2018 China’s Yuan CRASH! – VIDEO

WIll The China’s Economic Collapse Happen In 2018?The first sign of an impending economic crisis in China is the yuan currency in which as much as China tries to display a well-performing economy courtesy of an increase in GDP; the crisis is evident with passing clouds on trade, employment rates, and products consumption. The other evident sign of the imminent economic collapse is the decline in The Shanghai Composite Index of stocks by 7 percent in a month, plummeting for the first time since September 2016 below the set redline of 3,000 shares. Additionally, corporate bonds are being largely defaulted in addition to junk bond yields confounding. The economic crisis has even been made public with the media reporting on the failure of the government to pay its employees or even meet pension responsibilities further increasing the anxiety of the threatening economic collapse and china’s yuan crash. Property prices have not been spared either as they are mainly dipping in major cities and frozen in others as the government attempts to resolve the economic crisis by stopping property transactions. With this coupled with a tremendous burden of debts, China will experience an economic collapse and recession.

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