The Continuing Occult Frenzy: The Werewolf Cathedral

“The Werewolf Cathedral teaches one to merge with the base instincts. We acknowledge that we are Human beings but that we are animals. We do not seek to separate the two as many in the past have attempted. We feel that many ideologies have caused man to lose touch with his animalistic nature…” From the Werewolf Cathedral

By Doug Burrow

I promise you, I will tell you about the Werewolf Cathedral. But first, please allow me an indulgence.

I can’t say it all began with the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer (or even Bram Stoker as far as that goes), but her work, along with Laurell K. Hamilton and a handful of other paranormal or “dystopian” novelists have given new creative life to an otherwise hoary genre. Vampires, werewolves, ghosts, witches, and demons have all enjoyed their moment “in the shadows” since ancient times, but they did not become a staple of fantasy publishing until fairly recently, particularly with the enormous success of Harry Potter. But is there more to the phenomenon than simple entertainment; is it really any more harmful than the traditional ghost story around the campfire?

I will not bore you with psychoanalyzing supernatural fiction. Suffice it to say that humans have always been afraid of the dark, and by casting a net of words around the unknown we believe we can somehow contain, or at least temporarily purge, our fears. And horror novels and, later, films have been with us since the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. But there is a difference between the old supernatural thriller and the new paranormal fiction. For one thing, the old books and movies made it clear that monsters are well, monstrous, and there was a clear delineation between good and evil. Magic was something that the bad guys did, and everybody knew that to dabble with the supernatural was just asking for it. It was always the bit actor who ended up getting his flesh and soul eaten, and he or she deserved it because everybody knew how stupid they were being. Sure, the protagonist got sucked into the mess, but not willingly, and probably only to save the devastatingly gorgeous co-star.

But today’s fictional hero is just as likely to be a half-demon (the progeny of human and demon parents) or a vampire (a child of the night) as they are to be human. But even if they are human, they, like the archetypal Fool, rush off the cliffs of occult abandonment without a second thought as to whether they are acting on divine principals or playing by the devil’s rules.

Okay, enough of that for now. Let’s just get right to the really good stuff. Let’s talk about sex! There was always a sensuous element involved in dark fantasy. But again, until fairly recently, it was more subtle, a sort of background tension, hinted at but rarely overtly acted out. But today’s supernatural hero is into all sorts of preternatural bestiality. Vampires with werewolves, faery with ghosts, humans with demons. You’ve got blood-floods mixing in with the high seas of heavy erotica.

I am not among the uninitiated, and I am well-versed in magick both high and low. Though I am now a Christian, I do not lump all of the “occult” under one umbrella and label it as equal. But my spiritual training, whether esoteric or orthodox Catholic, has taught me to beware of power, and that there are dark forces that are ecstatic over having such a target rich environment, a veritable smorgasbord of the ignorant to snack on at will. Those who do not understand either magick or spiritual warfare have no idea of the danger they are exposing themselves to in these types of novels or movies. They are leaving doors to the unseen unlocked and wide open–and aren’t even aware they are doing it.

Visualization and concentration are an important part of magick. In Satanic rites, fear, blood, and sex open portals to the Infernal Regions. Any magician knows that given enough focus, you can effect changes in reality simply by a “path working,” an intense visualization of a ritual or magickal journey. Sure, it magnifies the working if you support it by physical props, e.g., robes, incense, candles, magick wand, sword, etc.. But if you are sufficiently trained , you can go a long way on just visualization and concentration. Many of these novels are like a path working, the protagonists even going so far as to use more or less real magickal techniques. And whether the blood and sex are real or not, they can still set up a strong psychic resonance and open doors to the other side. And given the lower, carnal vibrations this type of fiction establishes, then the door opened will likely be to the lower astral or to the Infernal (yes, dear reader, there really are demons and there really is a Hell they need to go back to, hopefully before they eat your own innocent, ignorant soul. You know what they say, “ignorance of the law is now excuse”).

It’s not just the casual reader who is in danger, but many of these readers are also practicing Pagans. I’m not going to argue with you about your choice of gods or religion (at least not in this article!), but I will say this: many Wiccans are untrained kids who think it would be cool to be like the fictional characters they read about. They pick up a book or two on natural magick and psychic phenomena, read Harry Potter or Jim Butcher, and viola! they are instant wizards and experts in the occult. This is at least part of the reason that the old trad covens insisted the novices had to train for a year and a day, had to achieve a certain level of proficiency in the Art, and had to be initiated by an established coven before they could be considered to be true Witches. The same is also true of baby Christians who want to take on the Devil in deliverance ministries but have no true spiritual depth or training: they put themselves at similar risks.

Once the psychic doorway is open it can be very hard to get it closed again. It can and does lead to demonic or lower astral spirit’s oppression, and even possession to greater or lesser extents. Some of these manifestations are emotional including depression, psychosis and other forms of mental illness. It may also lead to substance abuse, promiscuity, and other aberrant behaviors.

My kids were watching a Disney show the other night while I was working. They had on a new show called “My Baby Sitter is a Vampire.” Before I told them to change channels the kids on the show were playing on a Ouija Board (another demonic gateway) and then they encountered an obviously possessd individual in their kitchen. My kids were angry at me for making them turn off the TV, and though I tried to explain it to them I still don’t think they understood. So I’ll try with you. Do you remember people claiming that marijuana is a “gateway” drug? Maybe not so bad in itself, but it introduces you to recreational drug use, and it also introduces you to the inhabitants of the drug culture. The common wisdom is that if you stay away from marijuana you’ll also stay away from harder drugs and the sort of nefarious folks who do that sort of thing. Well, shows like “My Babysitter is a Vampire” are “gateway” shows to introduce children to the occult.

And paranormal novels are the sort of gateway to open doors in adults that allow demonic entities through as well.

Our culture is becoming absolutely obsessed with the occult, the paranormal, and the supernatural. The current crop of paranormal fiction is dark and dangerous (and no, “dangerous is not”sexy,” it just gets you hurt, dead, or worse off than dead), and draws out the carnal in us rather than the Spirit. Like many another culture in its death throes, our society is becoming more depraved and blinded by its own lust, feeding Satanic forces with our violence, fear, inappropriate sexuality, and opening supernatural doors that should remain closed.

Anton Levey, Church of Satan

Here I offer you more evidence of our moral decline, our paranormal delusions, the evidence of demonic influence on our culture. I ran across a website called The Werewolf Cathedral. It purports to inform the public of their beliefs and practices, and of course to proselytize. When I looked it over, I couldn’t help but be reminded of Anton Levey’s The Satanic Bible. Like Levey, these so-called werewolves would remind us that we humans are intrinsically selfish animals. And like animals, we must indulge our beastly natures. Sex, manipulation, violence, wearing our base instincts like a, well, wolf, wears its furry coat. Neither Levey’s Satanists or these “werewolves” are particularly supernatural. Levey’s Satanists see themselves as “natural” humans doing what humans naturally do. Same with these folks. But that’s the whole point. For a Christian, we reject the “natural” life and live a supernatural life in Christ. We reject walking in the flesh, and we walk in the Spirit. We don’t dwell in the dark, we live in the Light. to indulge in the flesh really is natural–the very sort of thing Satan feeds on. The natural human is living in a fallen state, where the Christian has the Life of the Divine dwelling in him, a regenerated spirit, a life of supernatural grace. Satan could care less if you are prancing around in a circle in ceremonial robes preparing to sacrifice a goat or not. Sure, it lends his minions power, and it opens up doors to our world, but he’ll take a naturally selfish and unregenerate human just as well. Particularly if that person believes he or she is “good” enough. Sure, they may use psychic power to get their way, but that doesn’t make them really evil–does it?

Here’s a taste of “Werewolf” religion (as stated by them on their own website):

We believe that man is a predatory animal, and that by unifying his intellect with his instinct he becomes more empowered to fulfill that which he wills to do. We believe that Social Darwinism is the true way nature operates, whether man finds this to be cruel or not makes no difference in regards to it’s truth. We believe in dealing with the world the way it is, not how it should be. It must be stressed however that we do not condone the racist aspect of Social Darwinism that was promoted in might is right, we see it from a non racist persceptive. We are by nature misanthropic. We have disdain for the masses of man as he seems to be dedicated to his own masochistic destruction. We as Werewolves do not believe in made man notions of good and evil. These terms are opinionated labels men give to actions to describe how they feel about them. We do not concern ourselves with labels meant to control or limit our behavior.

Did I mention that The Werewolf Cathedral is similar to Satanism? Sure enough, this “church” was founded by a member of the Church of Satan. But they are now diversifying. Why not capitalize on the paranormal fiction frenzy? If it works for kids who want to become a real witch, why not hedonists who want to become werewolves? All the better if you get to play black magick and justify sexual promiscuity! Like the Satanists, the werewolves have even written their own Bible (as have certain Wiccans). It may seem silly to many of us–but for those who know the Truth about spiritual realities it is similar to giving a two-year old a loaded pistol–with eternal consequences applied.

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