The Conspiracy Behind the Covid Vaccine

r/conspiracy - The Conspiracy Behind the Covid Vaccine

Humans: Digital ‘Nodes’ in the Grid

In this world controlled by the devil, don’t believe anything, and don’t deny anything, you need to use your own wisdom and keen insight to quietly observe and distinguish.

Graphene oxide in vaccines

Pablo Campra Madrid, a professor at the University of Almeria in Spain, released an interim report “Measurement of Graphene Oxide in Aqueous Suspension” pointing out that he found the presence of graphene in the Pfizer vaccine in the laboratory. He also consulted with many medical experts and world-renowned doctors, all of which confirmed the report.

Then, former Pfizer employee and current pharmaceutical and medical device industry analyst Karen Kingston said in a filing she submitted that there is a large amount of graphene oxide in the new coronavirus vaccine, and she called on everyone not to get vaccinated Kingston suspects that graphene oxide is not mentioned in the vaccine patent because it is toxic to humans. She said it is very difficult to find these nano-graphenes, but they are 100% there.

What is graphene oxide?

Graphene oxide is the oxide of graphene and is an intermediate in the process of mass production of graphene. So what is graphene? It is a new type of nanomaterial that was discovered in 2004, and its discoverer was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010.

Graphene is a two-dimensional nanomaterial composed of a layer of carbon atoms tightly packed in a hexagonal honeycomb structure. Its thickness is at the atomic level, only one carbon atom thick. After being injected into the human body, it can freely enter and exit human cells and tissues.

Graphene has many magical properties and is known as the “king of new materials”. It is the thinnest material, only one atom thick; it is the strongest material, 200 times stronger than steel; it is also a superconductor, with 1.6 times the conductivity of silver and 13 times the thermal conductivity of copper, It has ultra-high carrier mobility, and the electron mobility at room temperature is 10 times higher than that of silicon material.

Graphene is an ideal material for electrochemical biosensors. It can sensitively capture the bioelectricity of the human body. By sticking graphene on the human skin, it can accurately collect physiological data such as blood sugar, ECG, EEG, and EMG. . This has now been put into clinical application. Graphene materials can also interact with a range of biomolecules to transmit electrochemical, electrical or optical signals.

A study released by the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom on January 29, 2016 showed that researchers successfully implanted graphene into the brain of mice and directly connected it with neurons to intercept and transmit neural signals.

Researchers at the University of Cambridge and colleagues in Italy and Spain conducted related experiments using mouse brain cell cultures and found that graphene materials can perfectly connect with brain neurons, and these neurons can transmit electrical signals normally after connection. Adverse reactions will occur.

These graphene electrodes, which are directly connected to the brain or neurons, can intercept human brain waves or neural signals and transmit them to the outside world. For example, robots, computers or other AI devices, after receiving human brain wave signals, these external AI devices will act according to human thinking instructions, directly controlled by human thoughts, and become an external part of the human body.

That is to say, this technology can be extended to become an interface for exchanging information between the human brain and external AI digital devices, that is, Brain Computer Interface (BCI).

Brain-computer interface

Elon Musk founded a brain-computer interface company called Neuralink in the United States in 2016 to develop human-computer interaction technology, and it has achieved success.

In early April last year, Musk’s Neuralink company released a video to the outside world, showing a macaque that successfully implemented brain-computer interface technology using consciousness to control a computer to play a game of “mind ping pong”. Last year, Musk showed the outside world a pig that implemented brain-computer interface technology, and successfully intercepted and read the pig’s brainwave signals.

Musk believes that people have actually become “cyborgs” due to the proliferation of smartphones, computers, and apps, and they have a third “digital layer.”

That is to say, when the brain-computer interface technology is popularized for human society, human beings will directly control all external AI digital devices and programs with their thoughts. For example, use your mind to control mobile phones, computers, robots, etc. As long as you move your mind, the mobile phone will automatically turn on and off, make calls, connect to the Internet to upload and download information, etc.; you can also use your mind to manipulate the “Internet of Things”, which is all Internet-connected objects and devices.

For example, just think about it, the lights at home will be on, the air conditioner will be turned on and adjusted to the temperature you want, and the car will drive automatically according to your thoughts… In this way, humans can connect with the AI ​​digital level through brainwave signals, so as to Digitize people and connect them to the Internet, making each person directly a point of contact on the Internet.

Not only that, through this brain-computer interface technology to capture and transmit human brain wave signals, it can also directly connect people to each other, so that people can directly transmit each other’s thoughts, memories, emotions, etc., To achieve telepathy, idea communication, and no longer need language and other means of expression.

Musk said that Neuralink’s brain-computer interface technology can allow humans to transmit concepts to each other through telepathy, exist in a “preserved state” after death, and implant human memories into robots. He admits that he is delving into the realm of science fiction. He said that human memory can be directly transmitted, stored, and replicated in this way.

This is actually a very terrifying thing. At that time, people will really become a string of digital codes, a bunch of information without a soul. A person can be cloned into countless copies, and it is impossible to distinguish the true from the false, and even kill people casually.

All human beings will be connected to each other in this way, and people will be connected to each other to build a huge “biological information network”, and each person is a point on this network.

This biological information network of interconnected thinking among people is also connected to the digital Internet, that is, to the digital-level Internet that we now form through network cables, WIFI, mobile phone signals, satellite signals, etc.

A signal translator is used between the two networks to convert and translate biological signals and digital signals to achieve unimpeded communication and transmission between the two-layer networks. At that time, human beings will become monsters that are hybrids of biological and digital AI, and everyone will be digitized and become a node on this huge network, a bizarre half-biological, half-electronic species.

When these two networks are cross-connected, they form a huge biological + digital network that spreads over the entire earth. Everyone, every digital AI device, and even all objects on the earth will become part of this network.

r/conspiracy - The Conspiracy Behind the Covid Vaccine

Humans Become Devices

The Controllers of The Human Drones

Everything is mutual, and in turn, the big bosses behind all this, those in power who hide in the dark, they can through the ultimate control of this technology, through this huge biological digital network, through a central core computer control the world, control everyone in the world. He can enter a piece of code instructions, erase or change human memory, change human thinking, and control everyone’s brain and behavior! At that time, those in power in the darkness really regard themselves as gods.

At that time, the “great reset” plan of the dark forces is completed, and the new world order they wanted was complete. They could control the entire world through this network, control the thoughts and behaviors of all people, and exercise the role of Gods.

But there are two important steps to building this biological digital network:

1. Set up a satellite network covering the entire earth above the earth, covering every angle of the earth without dead ends, so that the signal can be transmitted to every part of the earth without interruption. This may be the Starlink project.

2. Insert a chip into the human body to capture and transmit biological signals such as human brain waves, and at the same time receive external signals into the human body, thereby connecting humans to this huge network.

This is not easy to implement, and it will definitely be resisted by a large number of people, but it can be implemented in other more subtle ways. For example, quietly injecting nanochips into the human body. The best material for this nanochip is graphene or graphene oxide.

Graphene Nanochips

At present, the brain-computer interface technology publicly demonstrated by Musk is to implant special signal lines many times thinner than a human hair into the cerebral cortex of the organism to capture and transmit the brain wave signals of the organism.

But is it possible to inject nanochips directly into living organisms to capture and transmit signals? It is theoretically possible. Think about it, why did Bill Gates, a technology giant originally engaged in software, suddenly switch to vaccines that are completely unrelated to his own business?

The Deep State cooperates with high-tech companies, mainstream media, and Internet giants to form dark forces that secretly control the world to carry out a global reconstruction plan, rebuild the human order according to their intentions, and control everyone.

Those high-tech companies that cooperate with the dark forces have many black technologies that will not be released to the world. Many black technologies that cannot or dare not be known and will never be disclosed.

Graphene Can Be Magnetic Under Certain Conditions

Junji Haruyama of Aoyama Gakuin University in Japan and French scientists have discovered that fabricating a honeycomb-like array of hydrogen-terminal nanopores on graphene can make graphene exhibit magnetic properties at room temperature. This has now been confirmed.

In addition, biostatisticians Ricardo Delgado and Dr. José Luis Sevillano from La Quinta Columna revealed: “If you combine graphene oxide with biomolecules, it becomes magnetic”. This claim has yet to be proven, but it could be used to explain the magnetic properties of the body in certain groups of people after being vaccinated.

At present, a large number of people around the world have released videos to reveal that after vaccination, the body has become magnetic. A reliable netizen I know disclosed that this happened to his relatives, and he saw it with his own eyes.

This magnetized graphene or graphene oxide nanochip can invade human cells, brains or neurons and engage with the human body. They can be activated by specific electromagnetic waves, such as 5G networks, and can generate connections, using to collect the biological signals of the human body, such as body state, brain waves, nerve signals and so on.

It can also be used to receive specific command signals from the outside world to control or interfere with people’s thinking, emotions, physical states, and so on. These are theoretically possible.

In addition, graphene oxide is toxic and can cause human infertility, myocarditis, pneumonia, sudden death, etc. Academician Fan Chunhai of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Researcher Zhu Ying of Shanghai Institutes for Advanced Study, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and others studied the effect of blood exposure to graphene oxide on mice and non-human primates (cynomolgus monkeys) at the maximum safe initial dose . Graphene may cause allergic death in non-human primates when it enters the blood, research published in Nano Today.

This seems to explain why a large number of people die from allergies after being vaccinated, or even die suddenly, or have all kinds of terrible sequelae. All these bizarre phenomena can now be reasonably explained, forming a line. So the current vaccination may still be in the experimental process, and the dark forces may still be testing how much graphene the human body can withstand.

Collusion in the dark

More and more evidence shows that this global plague, which has lasted for nearly three years, is a disaster carefully designed and manufactured by man, which has basically been recognized by now. It was deliberately created by the CCP and spread around the world. So there must be a terrifying conspiracy behind it.

And the vaccine used to deal with this plague is also extremely strange, and it has become an important part of the implementation of this conspiracy.

For many years, the CCP has been colluding with the deep state of the West, infiltrating the world, and forming a dark force that controls the world under the leadership of the CCP. Western high-tech companies have been supplying technology to the CCP for many years. The huge projects such as the Golden Shield Project and the Sky Eye Project to monitor and persecute Chinese people in all directions are all technologies delivered by those Western high-tech companies.

Why do Western high-tech companies cooperate with the CCP? The main reason is that many dark technologies that cannot see the light of day can only be tested by the CCP to obtain data. The CCP’s dictatorship and tyranny has no humanity. It treats more than one billion people as livestock slaves.

It can harvest human organs without anesthesia. It can do whatever it wants. The CCP has 1.4 billion human guinea pigs, and can conduct experiments on them at will to obtain big data. This is the most coveted data for Western high-tech companies.

Plan partially unravels

Why did Huawei vigorously promote 5G technology, and why did Huawei penetrate the world two years ago? It wants to build this huge biological digital network covering the whole world. But its plans were completely disrupted by Trump. They didn’t expect Trump to take office. Trump’s trade war, cutting off technology, cutting off chip supply and a series of combined punches completely abolished Huawei and defeated the CCP, almost to bring the forces of darkness into a panic.

So in the end, they had to change their plans, release the virus ahead of time, create a global pandemic, use the plague to oust Trump through election fraud and drive him out of office. In the end, the CCP colluded with the deep government and stole the US presidency in broad daylight.

Some people say that after the U.S Deep State came to power, didn’t it also fight against the CCP? In my opinion, this is just infighting.

The CCP and the U.S Deep State share a common direction, which is to control all mankind through a major reconstruction (Great Reset) and rebuilding of a new world order. Whoever interferes or disrupts their general direction, they will clear the obstacles with the same goal. But under the premise of this common goal, they are constantly vying for the ultimate control of future human beings. That is to say, they are all vying to be the ultimate big boss behind the future world, vying for the position of the devil.

The Conspiracy Behind the Covid Vaccine from conspiracy
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