The Clinton’s stole your donations from the Haiti disaster relief!

Let’s say you donated your money for the victims of Haiti or Baton Rouge after seeing the suffering only to find out that the organization pocketed the money for themselves.

There is an international charity that has never been independently audited in violation of federal and state law. It’s called the Clinton Foundation. It has sister charities that have also not been independently audited.

It turns out that $100 BILLIONS have disappeared. That’s 100 billions with a “B.”

This is an issue that could sway a lot of voters. It pisses people off royally to hear about charity fraud shysters who steal the money of goodhearted people who just want to help victims of natural disasters.

The same man who busted General Electric and AIG for crooked accounting has turned his sights on the Clinton Foundation sham operations. He compared the reports posted by the CF with the reports made by donors using state and international filing records.

Charles Ortel found $100 billion are missing!

While people are experiencing unimaginable suffering in Haiti and Baton Rouge, the Clintons are living lavishly on the goodness of millions of donors.
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