The CDC is going to Mandate Measles Vaccinations unless you Oppose the Ruling.

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The article above explains how the CDC is proposing travel restrictions to those not vaccinated for measles. The CDC places measles in the same basket as Ebola. Eventually this will lead to mandatory vaccines at the full Federal Schedule for EVERYONE.

In light of the crumbling and failing NWO agenda, now is the time to act. Previously held-in-contempt government workers are now emboldened by the momentum of the Trump campaign and recent failures of the Marxist agenda (Hillary Failires) so your voice WILL BE HEARD.

The beginning of the article provides a case number. Copy it. Hit the link for the government page. Paste case number into the search bar and follow the directions. It took me about 45 seconds and you do not have to provide personal information. You can comment as a third party.

Your future is at stake.
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