The “BLOODS” Gang Declares WAR on Muslim  / Sharia Law Patrol Group in NYC

Members of the brutal Bloods street gang viciously beat a Muslim man outside the Masjid Taqwa mosque in Brooklyn in retaliation for an earlier incident.

The “BLOODS” Gang Declares WAR on Muslim  / Sharia Law Patrol Group in NYC

Members of the brutal Bloods street gang viciously beat a Muslim man outside the Masjid Taqwa mosque in Brooklyn, New York Saturday evening, according to a mosque member.

The beating was seen as retaliation for a Muslim Community Patrol member roughing up a teenage boy who had reportedly “disrespected” a Muslim woman several days earlier.

The wounded man, described as “beaten up real bad,” was sent to Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center. He told mosque officials the attackers were wearing the known colors of the Bloods –red and black.

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The conflict between the Bloods and Muslim Patrol erupted December 10 after a Muslim Patrol “officer” patrolling around the Taqwa mosque claimed he heard a boy, estimated to be about 16, say something “disrespectful” to a Muslim woman.

The Muslim Patrol member threw the teen against a fence at the Taqwa mosque and held him tightly around the neck while lecturing him, then let him go. The boy subsequently described the incident to his father, a senior member of a Bloods chapter.

A short time later, seven Bloods members — at least one of whom was brandishing a weapon — arrived at the mosque to confront the Muslim patrol member who called for backup.  Additional Muslim Patrol members arrived in their patrol cars, and loud threats were exchanged between the two factions.

The ruckus was quickly broken up when a New York Police Department (NYPD) patrol car arrived and police ordered both parties to disperse.

One member of the Bloods, however, turned toward the Taqwa mosque and told the Muslim Patrol members, “This is not over. It’s just begun.”

“This is going to be a showdown,” said one witness.

Leaders at the Taqwa mosque were not surprised by Saturday’s retaliation against one of its members by the Bloods.

“They knew it was coming,” said one member, who asked not to be identified.

“They (the mosque leaders) held a meeting, and they asked all Muslims who attend Masjid Taqwa and who own guns to come in armed,” the source said. “They told the women not to go outside after dark because they don’t want anything to happen to them.”

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