Liverpool v Manchester United. Match of the day. BBC 16th March 2014.

Flashing Illuminati symbolism right into the front rooms of millions. And the millions are oblivious to it. Even if they notice it (and they will even subliminally) they will never think of asking themselves “Why are the BBC doing that? What does it mean?”

For those that know what they’re doing and why – to try to explain will have these wondering people with no clue and no answers just look at us as if we’re abnormal.BBC illuminato subliminal

Yes but it’s us who are mad for pointing out the subliminal programming and conditioning of you. Don’t bother questioning the BBC’s point of actually using the symbolism.

Don’t then question the “coincidence” that the movie “Minority Report” was then screened afterward.

No no no, don’t question or think much about anything. On you go, nothing to see here.



Here is a better view of it all. If you feel offended by the use of this symbolism, why don’t you think of writing into the BBC and asking them exactly what was their purpose?

People just don’t seem to take the initiative and do this kind of thing as if they are afraid to. And that is EACTLY why these people get away with the shit they feed us! So we (but don’t count me in on it, I’ve made my voice heard enough I’m going hoarse) only have ourselves to blame. One person can’t affect them. They just dismiss that or just ignore it altogether, but if people would “get off their arses” and create some hell about it in numbers then maybe… just maybe…..

Ever heard the phrase: “Don’t ask and you don’t get”. Well it’s the same here: Do sod all and you achieve sod all.


“Two new elements have rightly been brought into the debate by the hon. Member for Thanet, South (Mr. Aitken), which must be put upon the record. First of all, the British security services are supervised completely by the American security services. I know that because I had responsibilities for many years for those areas that were a part of what was called the “special relationship”. The Americans control our security services, supervise them, lay down the rules under which they operate, and warn them against people whom they regard as unreliable in Britain, because that is the condition upon which the United States makes nuclear weapons available to us…..

…….. The Clerk of the House and all the officials of the House are vetted by the security services. This was revealed in evidence submitted to the Committee of Privileges of which I am a member. That says a lot for the division between the legislature and the Executive, because the Executive vets the officials of the legislature. The BBC is vetted down to the level of anyone is involved in the preparation of current affairs or news. The research assistants of Members of Parliament are vetted. We know that from my hon. Friend the Member for Islington, North (Mr. Corbyn), who brought the matter to the House.”

Thanks Tony.


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