Open Doors USA, an organization that monitors and exposes Christian persecution around the globe, has released its “2014 World Watch List” — a report that highlights and ranks the worst nations in the world to be a Christian. Topping the list this year are countries known for brutal government crackdowns or for the uncontrolled and murderous tactics of extremist groups within their borders. The absolute worst places to be a Christian this year are: North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. The below graphic shows the top 10 most brutal countries for believers; the 2013 results are also present to the right, so you can see where these nations placed last year (for a full explanation on the 2013 results, read our previous coverage):
Open Doors USA Ranks The 10 Absolute Worst Places in the World to Be a Christian
Dr. David Curry, CEO and president of Open Doors USA, told TheBlaze Tuesday that his organization is hoping the report will help draw attention to the fact that Christians, despite being in the majority in the U.S., are actually the largest persecuted religious minority in the world. “We’re going to motivate the U.S. to pay attention to this issue as a critical component of creating free societies and to support Christians wherever they may be in the world,” he said. In ranking each country on the list, Curry said his team looked at violence, government pressures and other related indicators. These issues are collectively assessed and countries are rated on a point system, which subsequently led to the current rankings. “Not every circumstance is the same. For example, in North Korea, you have a quasi-Stalinist government that is the most difficult place to call yourself a Christian on the planet — and has been for the last 12 years,” he noted. More
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