Thanks for your participation in the largest eugenics experiment in human history! We now know the following as a result!

How to Understand the Resurgence of Eugenics | JSTOR Daily

Congratulations! Thanks to people who participated in this first ever human experiment with a mRNA gene-therapy we now know the following based on fact-based post-vaccine research.

1.) It’s not a vaccine. Does not provide immunity to Covid or it’s variants so you can still catch Covid and transmit it to others making you asymptomatic. You will need a booster shot every 6 months so get ready to roll up that sleeve every six months once that system rolls out.

2.) The 95% efficacy is the RRR (Relative Reduction Risk) where the real reduction rate ARR (Absolute Reduction Risk) is less than 2% as per this scientific Lancet study.

This means you are really not protected at all from the symptoms as they would like you to ‘believe’.

3.) The lipid nanoparticles do not remain in the intramuscular region of the deltoid and seep out into the cardiovascular system infecting the entire body with spike-protein. Something the manufacturers claimed would never happen, yet it does and is why the adverse-side effects are so bad with this shot.

4.) The spike-protein itself is toxic and a part of the disease pathology being the cause of inflammation, ACE2 deregulation and opens up immunity pathways. This means Myocarditis (heart inflammation), Encephalitis (brain inflammation ) and hepatomegaly (liver inflammation) are huge risks and confirmed by many adverse-reactions reported to VAERS and EuroVigilance.

The novel coronavirus’ spike protein plays additional key role in illness

This means the spike-protein itself is enough to damage the cardiovascular system and organs, some of which can have harmful events in the future and is like injecting someone with Covid-19 damaging the inside of the body rather than the lungs.

5.) The synthetic spike-protein itself has coding errors and a 5 GxxxG motif placing it in the category of a prion which could pose a long-term risk of neural degenerative diseases.

6.) The lipid nanoparticles after injection bulk in Ovaries in women followed by bone-marrow. Dr. Robert Malone the inventor of mRNA covers these findings in lay terms for stupid people who can’t process scientific data easily.


If it wasn’t for you who jumped on an experimental gene-therapy shot which skipped any real meaningful trials that would have presented the above findings, we now have this data and evidence from the human test subjects running around gleefully and ignorantly celebrating their shot, completely blind to the short-term and long term consequences that this data all points to.

… harmful spike-protein that you will never get out of your body and the neural degenerative long-term risks which ultimately could lead to untreatable deadly neurological illnesses as your brain slowly rots and deteriorates from the prion causing misfolded proteins that damage your neurons slowly over time.

Your sacrifice for the safety of others and the common good will be historically remembered and appreciated.
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