Teenage girl weighing 700 pounds (63 stone) cut free from her home by emergency services

’60 stone’ woman still in hospital

Friday, 25 May 2012

A specially constructed ramp at a house in Aberdare, south Wales, which was used to take teenager Georgia Davis out of her home

A chronically obese teenager cut free from her home by workmen after she grew too big to go outside remains in hospital.Georgia Davis, 19, weighed up to 60st by the time she was urgently rescued from the house that had become her prison.Neighbours claimed that the teenager, from Aberdare in the South Wales valleys, had not been seen outside for up to three years. In that time her weight ballooned to such proportions it is believed it became a serious threat to her life.

Dozens of neighbours watched as Miss Davis was carried out of her home on a specially constructed stretcher on Thursday. More than 40 police, firefighters, paramedics, social services personnel, council officers and builders worked together to free her.

Although unwell she was still conscious and reportedly flanked by a medical officer, nurse and social worker as she was carried out.

Miss Davis became a minor celebrity when she took part in an American bootcamp series and slimmed down to a healthier weight and more manageable size. But neighbours claimed that her disappearance from view coincided with a new bout of weight gain around three years ago.

“I think the TV programme helped to start with but then she was under a lot of pressure to keep it off,” said neighbour Jane Price, 52.

“I don’t think I’d seen her for about three years. It’s such a shame because she has so much to live for at her age. I know her mother and stepfather are both ill so it has been a very difficult time for them all. You have got to feel sorry for someone who has not set foot outside their home for so long.”

She said a large team of workmen had arrived at the teenager’s home the day before she was freed to plan the extraction. Neighbours had noticed food staff coming and going, with everything from burgers to an array of Indian and other takeaways delivered on a regular basis.

Jason O’Sullivan, 18, another neighbour, said he had only ever seen the teenager once in the time he had lived in the area. He said: “Yeah, can’t say I know her because she was never outside. It must be terrible being inside all the time. It’s just mad getting into that state.”

Georgia was last night being treated for diabetes, kidney disease, spinal problems and respiratory failure

Sad plight: Georgia with her mother Lesley
Sad plight: Georgia with her mother Lesley
Alistair Heap

Britain’s fattest teenager was yesterday told by doctors to lose weight immediately – or die.

The grim warning came as 63 stone Georgia Davis, 19, lay seriously ill after a wall at her home had to be torn down to get her to hospital .

One expert said: “She needs to lose 50 stone if she is to stand a chance of living much beyond her 20s.”

Georgia was last night being treated for diabetes, kidney disease, spinal problems and respiratory failure.

She is on a drip and her heart rate and blood pressure are being constantly monitored.

Mum Lesley, 57, and stepdad Arthur, 73, are keeping a bedside vigil at Prince Charles Hospital, Merthyr Tydfil.

A hospital spokeswoman said: “She is being assessed to formulate a plan of care.”

A team of 40 rescuers had to remove two walls because Georgia was too big to fit through the door of her family’s home in Aberdare, South Wales.


The scene as Britain's fattest teenager Georgia Davis 19 is removed from her home
Rescue: The scene at Georgia’s house
Wales News Service


The scene as Britain's fattest teenager Georgia Davis 19 is removed from her home
Demolished: A wall was knocked down to get Georgia to hospital
Wales News Service

Dr Matthew Capehorn, Clinical Director of the National Obesity Forum, warned yesterday that the 5ft 6in teenager was in grave peril because of her extreme weight.

He said: “She is drastically shortening her life expectancy.

She is in real danger of suffering a sudden death and urgently needs to lose weight.

“When a patient gets to that size it is a severe physical disability.

“Just being overweight, let alone super obese, is associated with more than 50 different health problems.”


Britian's Fattest teenager. Georgia Davis
Battle: Georgia has been told she won’t make 20 unless she drastically changes her diet
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Georgia Davis on This Morning
Tragic: Georgia Davis on This Morning last year

Dr Capehorn added: “Being so large is like a timebomb, with many things which could go wrong and any one of which could kill you at any moment.”

Georgia’s body mass index is 142.3 – people with a BMI of more than 30 are classed as obese.

A family friend, who did not want to be named, said: “It’s as if she eats and eats to punish herself for some reason.

“We are just praying they can do something for her. She’s such a sweet, gentle kid.”


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