Taiwan Holds Military Drill Against Mainland Attack – VIDEO

Taiwan conducted a live-fire military drill on Thursday, simulating an invasion by Chinese forces.

The 45-minute long drill in south Taiwan’s Pingtong was a joint exercise between the army, navy and air force. Nearly 1,000 personnel participated in the exercise, which included shelling and the launch of anti-tank missiles.

Taiwan’s President Ma Ying-jeou personally reviewed the drill, the first since the start of his second presidential term last month. Afterwards he reiterated the island’s commitment to military defense.

[Ma Yingjeou, President of Taiwan]
“In the next four years, we will still buy some defence weapons from overseas which we cannot make on our own. Meanwhile, we will work hard to put the mercenary system into effect. Our basic principle is still defence, to efficiently fend off our enemies. Under this outline, we will use inventive and effective weapons systems positively. We can use weapons that require less input and greater output,”

Ma’s administration has been criticized by the opposition for softening national defence, in particular against threats from the Mainland.

The Chinese regime views Taiwan as part of its territory, and has not ruled out unifying the two sides by military force.

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