Tabloid News Trumps Coverage Of Bilderberg Meeting, Wars and Economic Problems

By Lee Rogers – RogueGovernment

The corporate media continues to show its intellectual bankruptcy considering that their primary focus over the past week has been on the scandal surrounding Congressman Anthony Weiner and the sexually oriented messages he admitted to sending over Twitter.  They’ve also spent a good chunk of time covering the Casey Anthony murder trial and other stories that have little significance to the lives of the average person.  This type of tabloid garbage shouldn’t deserve anywhere near the attention it is getting considering that the U.S. military is involved in all sorts of foreign wars, the economy is in the midst of a depression and the fact that the 2011 Bilderberg Meeting was taking place in Switzerland over the past few days.  Although the importance of the Bilderberg Meeting is over blown by many in the alternative media, it is still an important event that deserves much more coverage and scrutiny than a story of lewd pictures sent by a Congressman.

For anyone who is unaware, the annual Bilderberg Meeting is a gathering of powerful individuals from business and government that is held in secret free from press coverage.  It is widely believed that a consensus on certain issues is formed at these meetings as to how best steer world events in a direction that is favorable to the global elite.  This does not mean that the people at Bilderberg control the world or are at the top of some global pryamidal power structure but the people who attend these meetings are all highly influential in one way shape or form.  One would think that a meeting like this would generate a great deal of interest and coverage from media outlets around the world.  If let’s say all National Football League owners got together for a meeting, that in of itself would be big news and undoubtedly receive extensive coverage in the sports media world.  With that said it continues to be of great interest to see how the corporate controlled media still does not want to critically analyze the importance of over a hundred of some of the most powerful men and women meeting together in secret at these annual meetings.  Even though there has been more corporate controlled media coverage of this year’s Bilderberg Meeting than in past years, the significance of the meeting has been vastly downplayed by the talking head propagandists.  Instead, they label anyone who is interested in covering and scrutinizing the meeting as conspiracy theorists.  Would they label sports journalists covering a meeting of National Football League owners as conspiracy theorists because of their interest in the meeting?  Highly doubtful.

Of course, the corporate media has historically and will continue to focus in on issues of little importance so the average person really doesn’t have a good idea of what is going on in the world.  It is ridiculous to believe that the corporate media has the average person’s best interest in mind when they analyze every detail of Congressman Weiner’s lewd Twitter messages and in the same breath tell us that a meeting of over a hundred of the most powerful and influential people in the world has practically no importance.  This is 100% proof that the corporate media cares not about the interest of the average person and is only in the business of keeping people in the dark on important issues.

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