Syrian migrant hacks man to death in broad daylight in Germany

Residents living in the Germany city of Stuttgart are feeling shock and horror after a 36-year-old man was hacked to death by a Syrian migrant wielding what appears to have been a traditional Japanese sword in the middle of the street, in broad daylight, on Wednesday afternoon.

The gruesome incident apparently took place after a heated argument between the two which escalated quickly.

The attack was witnessed by dozens of local residents and was even filmed by multiple passers-by on mobile phones from various angles, and saw, the German resident of Kazakhstan origin, lying on the pavement while the Syrian hacked at and stabbed him with a “sword-like” weapon, the German newspaper Bild reports.

Witnesses can be heard screaming and calling for police in the background in the video footage that was captured.

According to witnesses, the two men were arguing, with the suspected attacker asking the victim over and over “Why have you done that” after which he raised the weapon above his head and reportedly brought it down repeatedly on chest and head of the victim. A clear motive for the murder is still not known.

Authorities were eventually able to catch up with and arrest the perpetrator after he had fled the scene on a bicycle.

Neue Ruhr Zeitung, the areas regional newspaper, has reported that the suspect is a 28-year-old Syrian migrant who first arrived in Germany in 2015. The suspect is being interrogated by police with the help of an interpreter and is due to appear in court on Thursday afternoon.

The horrifyingly brutal attack comes directly after another shocking act of migrant violence occurred in Frankfurt, Germany on Monday.

Forty-year-old Habte Araya, an Eritrean migrant, was arrested for trying to push three people underneath a moving train at Frankfurt’s main railway station. One of his victims, an elderly woman, was left with light injuries from the attack. The two others, a mother and her 8-year-old son fell onto the tracks and the child was killed instantly.

Araya had previously been held up as a shining example of a migrant who has successfully integrated into European society.

Source: Syrian migrant hacks man to death in broad daylight in Germany – Voice of Europe


VIDEO: After A Man Is Hacked To Death In Broad Daylight By A Syrian Migrant With A Samurai Sword, Merkel’s Media Says “Differences In Culture Exist”

VIDEO: After a man is hacked to death in broad daylight by a Syrian migrant with a samurai sword, Merkel’s media says “differences in culture exist”

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