Sweden’s National Police Commissioner is crying out for help as Islamist militias take control over large areas!

Swedish state has lost large areas to armed, religious groups best described as Islamist militias.

Sweden’s National Police Commissioner, Dan Eliasson, spoke on national television and pleaded for assistance: “Help us, help us!,” he said, while warning that Swedish police forces no longer can uphold the law and therefore must ask all good powers in the country to support them.


The alarm from the police: 5,000 gang of criminals

In Sweden, there are now 61 residential areas classified as vulnerable – 23 of them are considered to be particularly vulnerable, the former 15th

It presents the police in a new report, and on Wednesday morning held a press conference at police headquarters in Gothenburg with the Chief of Police Dan Eliasson. During that told police that it seems some 5 000 criminal, divided into 200 different networks in the areas concerned.


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– The number of vulnerable areas has increased. It is partly because we report otherwise. In some area, it may become worse, something better even though it is not visible in the statistics, says National Police Commissioner Dan Eliasson at the press conference.

He hopes to get help also from the rest of society.

– Other actors in society, help us, help us, he says.

National Police Commissioner: “We need help”

The vulnerable areas are mainly in the three major cities, but also in Uppsala, Örebro, Växjö, Borås, Linköping and Landskrona.

– This is the intelligence that we have and it says that sometimes the situation is urgent. There are times during the day where it’s nice and quiet and secure, and how good any time, and there are moments when the gangs dominate, and the individual does not dare to cooperate with police. It’s an emergency. It must be reversed, says Dan Eliasson.


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How have we come to be like this?

– Most people who have followed the development of society feel well again many of the names of places available on this list. There are 20-30 years of improper development that has become so serious that it even is acute in some places. It requires comprehensive community initiatives. For me it is very important to say that the police must do their part. But to improve performance in school, to create jobs, to create within the Community, there are many other actors who need help with. And we need help.



A particularly exposed area is characterized by a general reluctance to participate in the lawsuit. It may also be systematic threats and violent acts against witnesses, plaintiffs or notifiers in the area.

The situation in the region means that it is almost impossible for the police to fulfill its mission, which requires regular adjustment of working methods or equipment. Many times there has been a normalization with the result that neither the police nor the accommodation reflects on the exceptional situation in the area.

Source: Police

Dan Eliassons appeal to residents

Police are now drawing up action plans for the affected areas so that resources where priority and according to Dan Eliasson, it is not only more number of police officers required.

Among other things, also calls for tougher penalties for gun crimes, increased opportunity for video surveillance and access to secret data reading.


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Dan Eliasson deny that the police wanted to dark results of the report to the particularly vulnerable areas become more.

– We have made gains in these areas, we have deepened cooperation, and encourage increased cooperation with local governments, NGOs, parents in town and religious communities, for example, he says.

What do you want to national police chief say to those who live in the areas that you feel are particularly vulnerable?

– We have to work together. All of you who want to have safe areas: help us, talk with us, stand up and testify. Give us the intelligence, then we become stronger. It is together that we can solve this.


Vivalla, Orebro

Gottsunda, Uppsala

Alby, Botkyrka

Fittja, Botkyrka

Hallunda / Norsborg, Botkyrka

Husby, Stockholm

Rinkeby / Tensta, Stockholm

Ronna / Geneta / Lina, Sodertalje


Explosive increase of violent Islamists in Sweden

  • Explosive increase of violent Islamists in SwedenA new report from the Swedish secret service, Sapo, show that thousands of violent Islamists now lives in Sweden. The news agency TT. It is now DF’s Peter Kofod Poulsen to require a similar statement from Justice Minister Søren Pape Poulsen (K). Photo: 10090 Claudio Bresciani / TT / Scanpix 2017
In a few years the number of extremist Islamists in Sweden has risen from a few hundred to several thousand. Meanwhile, the number of notices increased significantly, according to a new report from the intelligence service Sapo.

Sweden: The number of extremist Islamists in Sweden has increased from 200 to several thousand. It shows a new report from the Swedish secret service, Sapo, according to news agency TT.

– There has been an explosive increase. We have never seen anything on this scale before, says security police chief Anders Thornberg, to TT and points out that the situation is serious.

We would argue that it’s gone from hundreds to thousands. There has been an explosive increase. We have never seen anything on this scale before.

Sapo chief Anders Thornberg

At the same time emphasizes the security police chief, that it is only a minority that has both the intention and capability to commit terrorist attacks.

– It’s a new situation that has become common, says Thornberg to TT, adding that it is a historic challenge that extremist environments grow.

And just the new situation in our Swedish neighbors do, that the number of intelligence from citizens also increased markedly. This year there have been about 6,000 notices each month. Five years ago the average was 2,000 per month according Sapo report.

Propaganda from ISIS

According to the Swedish head of security is the reason for the explosive rise in extremist circles primarily propaganda from Islamic State.

– The war in Iraq and Syria has gathered Islamist extremists in a way that you have not seen before. We used different environments. We had radicalized from North Africa, the Middle East and Somalia, but they were completely separated from each other, says Thornberg according to TT.

In the past, terrorists planned their attacks over time. You could spend months on gaining knowledge, training and contacts to the right.

– Today we see that someone has an idea and maybe buy two knives or rent a truck and drive into a crowd, says Sapo chief Anders Thornberg to TT.

And the significant increase is not surprising the Swedish terrorism researcher Magnus Ranstorp. He says to TT that it is a development that has been going on for a long time:

– We have followed the development long. We have looked at social media that when Isis (Islamic State, ed.) Was formed, there were thousands who supported Isis, says Magnus Ranstorp, there is research director at the National Defense College in Stockholm.

Swedish police are sounding the alarm: We are losing control


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