Swedish newspaper Friatider says a large amount of data from the Criminal Data System was secretly provided to “Nordfront”. Together with “Gang rape Sweden” the database was published on Friday.

The leaked data discloses: Decision date, name, social security number, court, destination number, date of judgment, period of imprisonment, region and place of investigation for the prosecution and verification.

Files with 168,000 sentences that were given between 10 May 2004 and 8 January 2015 were published. From the 83,656 individuals involved, 37,735 (or 45 per cent) were foreign born, Nordfront writes. From the persons being sentenced to 9 and 10 years, 70 per cent and 68.8 per cent are foreign born.

So new crime stats in Sweden that was leaked claims the following.

From 2004 – 2014:

45% of people sent to prison for crime were foreign born.

82% of people sent to prison for gangrape were foreign born.

70% of those sentenced to a 9 year prison sentence were foreign born.

Among gang rape cases, 118 of the perpetrators, or 82 per cent, are immigrants. The over representation for immigrants is 18.2. The investigation also claims that the direct costs of immigrants’ crime is well above SEK 20 billion (2 billion euros) a year.

According to Swedish journalist Peter Imanuelsen the data is probably reliable:

“I’m very certain it is legit. See the article on friatider. Since they are being sued for publishing this info, it must mean it is correct.”

The Swedish police are certainly not happy with the data transparency. According to them it is a serious breach of the Personal Data Act (PUL). Swedish mainstream media seemed not happy as well: For example newspaper SVT published an article about the fact that this is one of Sweden’s biggest data crimes.

The incident is another proof of the fact that Sweden rather keeps its migrant crime data away from the public eye: Publishing migrant crimes is a ‘bigger problem’ than the crimes themselves. While a lot of people all over the world already know what is really happening in the country, its politicians prefer to avoid reality.


We’ve talked with Gang rape Sweden, here’s their short reply:

“Yes, it’s verified information sentencing decisions by the prison system basically.”