Survivors Recount the Horrors of Houla Massacre

This video purports to show survivors of the Houla massacre in Syria, describing the attack that left at least 108 people dead last week.

Reuters cannot independently verify the content of the video, said to be shot on May 27.

[Witness to Houla Massacre]:
“They attacked our homes, they are shabeiha and army members in uniform. They pointed guns at us and trapped us in a room like sheep before spraying us with bullets. They killed my father and brother, he is the only one in family of seven girls. They did not leave a family without killing one of its members. It was a massacre. The rebels came and god protects the free army for saving us.”

The man filming the video is seen pointing at a baby who he says was wounded in the attack, and his whole family killed.

Another woman says her husband and 13 others in her home were killed.

The massacre was among the worst carnage of the 14-month uprising against Assad’s government.

At least seven Western nations expelled top Syrian envoys from their capitals on Tuesday spurred by revulsion over the massacre.
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