Suha Arafat Calls for Recognition of Israel: ‘No One Can Doubt Israel’s Existence’ (VIDEO)

Suha Arafat. Photo: ABC News.

The widow of former Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman and arch terrorist, Yasser Arafat, says “We need to clearly express the recognition of Israel; no one can doubt its existence,” Israel’s Ma’ariv reported Wednesday.

On the 10th anniversary of Arafat’s death, Suha Arafat told Italy’s La Republica, that, “Since Hamas took over the Gaza Strip, Fatah leaders and buildings were attacked.”

Suha sharply attacked Hamas, which is also making inroads into the West Bank, despite Israeli and PA security efforts, and in the face of a “unity government” agreement with the Fatah-led PA.

“Hamas has taken the people in the Gaza Strip as hostages,” she said. “When I see what is happening in Gaza, it’s just genocide. This generation grew up with violence, without education, with only a hope of emigrating.

“I hope that Hamas will finally understand that it should work towards peace negotiations,” she said. “They said my husband was an obstacle to peace. [But] We saw what happened to peace after his death.”

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