Student Throws Book At Teacher, Her Response Is Causing Shockwaves

We send our children to school generally thinking that everything will be ok. Granted they may have altercations with classmates they don’t get along with, but that’s life. There’s no guarantee that we’ll get along all people all the time, or that we even have to. But what is expected is that we deal with these things in a mature fashion. Aside from the book learning we receive in school, managing personal relationships is just as important for success in the future.

Again, we expect for disagreements and occasional hotheadedness on behalf of students, but from a teacher? Now that’s a whole different story.

A baltimore teacher is accused of threatening to kill a female student after drawn out brawl took place in the hallways of Carver Vocational High School in West Baltimore. The fight started when the student threw a book at the teacher. A male student is seen trying to break the fight up, but neither party was having that.

The teacher can be heard shouting:

“Ill fu*king kill you in here bi*ch. What the f*ck do you think this is?”

The girls family is beside themselves that something like this would take place with a teacher.

The teacher was treated for injuries and placed on administrative leave while an investigation is being conducted. The student was charged with assault and was remanded to the custody of her family.
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